INVT PLC HMI Servo System Applied for Auger Filler in India

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Abstract: India people consume lots of small pack food, snacks, spices, tobacco, and flavor every day. The packing industry is very strong. Auger filler machine is a basic machine for powder packing. This paper mainly introduced auger filler machine control systems, and INVT products.

Keywords: INVT, PLC HMI Servo, Auger Filler

1.Application introduction

In Auger filler machine, one VFD is used on paper pulling and length is set by the on time timer, after that vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, coding, printing, nitrogen and batch cutter is run and controlled by the on delay time and on time timer. Filling is done with the help of servo and calibration of servo is done with the help of PLC and HMI by manually for one rotation after that they set the gram in one rotation.

For eye-mark they used sensor and for corrections they use on time for the same. There is a batch cutter to cut the product in a no of batch set in the HMI. Un-winder is used to unwind the paper so that paper is run smooth and cut on eye-mark.

2.INVT solution for Auger filler

According the machine control requirement, the system configuration is as below table.

ProductModel No.QtyApplication

And the system connection schematic diagram is as below:

Schematic diagram for Augur Filler system

3.Product features and system advantages

3.1 GD20 has good feature of excellent sensorless vector control, compact structure, and so on.

3.2 IVC1S is a sophisticated PLC, cost-effective.
Support 6x10kHz high speed pulse input, 2x100kHz high speed pulse output
1 RS232, 1 RS485
No extension module, max. I/O: 60
Do not support real-time clock

3.3 VS HMI main features:
USB download and USB port
Internal memory128MFlash+128MDDR2
FCC,class A;EN55022 and EN55024 standard
Work temperature: -20℃~65℃,Protection level: IP65
Shell material: ABS+PC
LED backlight,260,0000 colors

3.4 DA200 Servo main features:
Power Range: 100W ~55kW
Power supply voltage: 1P/3P AC220V(-15%)–240V(+10%), 3P AC380V(-15%)–440V(+10%), 47Hz–63Hz
10 digital input s & 6 digital outputs for standard, pulse and CANOpen type(others have less I/O)
Two 12-bit analog inputs(another 16-bit analog input for standard type) & two analog outputs
One pulse input, supports open collector and differential input
One encoder output(ABZ) , supports open collector and differential output
Have 2nd incremental encoder input(ABZ), supports differential input
USB & 485 communication for standard and pulse type, other field-bus types supports CANOpen, Profibus-DP and EtherCAT
STO function for safety consideration
Various protection functions, including overvoltage, over current, overload, overheat, etc.

3.5 System advantages
Attractive HMI graphics designs

PLC timer design to calibrate the signals:

After apply INVT solution, production efficiency and accuracy improved, it’s more user friendly and easy to maintain.
High speed, high efficiency, powder filling at 25 bags per minutes at 1 kg.
Weight calibration function, can done by customer itself
High accuracy, weight variation is very small approx. +/- 1%.


INVT PLC, HMI, Servo and vfd drive solution is successfully used for auger filler which is the basic and popular packing machine. It improves the production efficiency and accuracy, and user friendly design, simplifies the maintenance. It’s worth to promote all over India.

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