Corporate Introduction

Corporate Introduction

Corporate Introduction

INVT (Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd) has been concentrating on industry automation and energy power since its foundation in 2002 and is committed to “Providing the best product and service to allow customers more competitiveness”. INVT goes public in 2010 and is the first A-share listed company (002334) in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the industry. At present, INVT owns 15 subsidiaries and more than 4500 employees, over 40 branches, forming a sales network covering more than 100 overseas countries and regions.

INVT has been awarded as the Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan based on mastering of key technologies in power electronics, auto control and IT. With business covering industry automation, electric vehicle, network power and rail transit, INVT has established 10 R&D centers nationwide, boasts more than 1400 patents and owns the first lab in the industry awarded ACT qualification from TÜV SÜD, UL-WTDP and CNAS National Lab. The industrial parks in Shenzhen and Suzhou aim to provide customers with advanced integrated product development design management, comprehensive product R&D test and auto informational production. The worldwide INVT branches and warranty service centers are ready to offer customers all-around back-ups including professional solutions, technical trainings and service support.

In the next decade, INVT will continue to take " Sincere Virtuous, Professional Aspiring" as our business philosophy, enhance core business sectors including industrial automation, electric vehicle, network power and rail transit based on the three major technologies in industry automation and energy power fields, and strive to become a leading, responsible and harmonic international professional group armed with proper product structure, leading technologies, efficient management, robust profitability and superior competitiveness.



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