IVC1 Micro Programmable Logic Controller

INVT IVC1 PLC is a micro high performance PLC with compact structure and powerful function. It can be widely applied in manufacturing industries including textile and chemical fiber, machine tool, cables, food and beverages, packaging, plastic steel, construction machinery, air conditioner, elevator and printing.
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Excellent communication performance

Multiple communication modes
Multiple communication ports and built-in communication protocols, including Modbus, free-port, N:N, programming port protocols, are provided, implementing the flexible device control networking.

Special N:N networking mode
This mode implements the networking of multiple PLCs, and thus allows them to gain peer access to specific M and D component information. This mode is applicable to control the interlocking of correlated devices in the system. It adopts the N:N protocol and requires no extra programming.

High-speed input and output

High-speed input
High-speed input ports of X0 to X7, supporting functions including counting, pulse capture, external interruption, and frequency detection
Supporting single-phase counting, single-phase increment and decrement counting, and two-phase counting
Supporting the digital filtering function

High-speed output
Supporting a maximum of 3 100 kHz pulse output
Supporting two modes, namely pulse train output (PTO) and pulse width modulation (PWM)
Implementing the positioning control functions including the origin return (DSZR), pulse output with acceleration/deceleration (PLSR), and relative/absolute positioning (DRVI/DRVA)

Simplified program development

User-friendly programming interfaces
Providing a project management window to faciliate the quick switching of the main program and subprograms
Providing an information window to implementing the quick locating of program compiling errors
Providing an instruction tree window to allow quick queries on the instruction library

Supporting multiple programming languages
Programming languages, including the ladder diagram (LAD), instruction language (IL), and sequential function chart (SFC), are interchangeable.

Practical instruction wizard
Helping you quickly set the parameters including the complicated instruction addresses and input and output parameters
Automatically generating execution subprogr ams to ensure the conciseness and accuracy of the program

Configuration function for extension modules
The AD, DA, TC, and PT extension modules of PLCs can be initialized by using the configuration function for special modules, which simplifies the initialization of function modules, and thus avoids the compiling of the complicated initialization instruction program.

Simple communication instruction
No complicated instruction is required. The communication function of the inverter can be implemented by using one instruction.

Quick program download, commissioning, and monitoring
Can be connected to a PC through the serial port to implement quick program commissioning and bug handling on the production site
Can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) to perform remote device monitoring, program download, and start/stop operations

Safe and convenient use

Program encryption
Adopting a brand new password mechanism to provide multi-password protection, which improves the safety of the user program

Power failure protection
Using a FLASH storage device to store the user program and data, which prevents data loss due to power failure

Design of rugged components
Using rugged input and output electronic components to ensure the long service life

Typical industrial application

IVC products are widely used in the manufacturing of mechanical equipment, including the textile machinery, machine tools, metal processing machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, construction machinery, and printing machinery.

IVC Series Catalog(EN)

INVT PLC Programming Software Auto Station

IVC1 Series PLC Quick Start User Manual

IVC1-4AD Manual

IVC1-4DA Manual

IVC1-4PT Manual

IVC1-4TC Manual

IVC1-5AM Manual

IVC1-E Manual

IVC1 Series PLC Manual

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