INVT Drives Applied to Veneer Peeling Machine

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Abstract: Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for plywood production. It can be divided into two types: the one with wood clip and the one without wood clip. The one with wood clip is suitable for large diameter wood and the one without wood clip is used for small diameter wood. This paper mainly introduces the whole solution of the machine without wood clip with INVT PLC, HMI and vfd drives.

Keywords: INVT, GD200A, GD35 Veneer peeling

1.Application introduction

Veneer peeling machine without wood clip has rollers at both front and rear side, with the force from motors, the wood inside will be peeled layer by layer. It’s a high efficiency and high precision wood peeling equipment. The remaining waste diameter is less than 1cm, and the linear peeling speed can reach 150 meters per minute, and the thickness error of ±0.1mm, width error of ± 2mm.

Single motor roller veneer peeling machine:

Dual motor roller veneer peeling machine:

2.INVT solution

2.1 System configuration

For this veneer peeling machine, INVT PLC IVC1L and HMI VS070 are used for controller and display. PLC controls single/dual roller inverter and feeder inverter through 3 channels 50 kHz high speed pulse output, and communicates with HMI and cutter inverter through Modbus RS485.

The system diagram is as below:

The system configuration list:

NameModel No.QtyRemark
HMIVS0701Setting and display
Roller shaft inverterGD200A-030G/37P-41Roller
Rubber roller inverterGD200A-015G-41Conveyor
Feeder roller inverterGD200A-2R2G-41Feeder roller(with DBR)
Cutter inerterGD35-2R2G-4-H11Cutter(with DBR)

2.2 Electrical diagram

Control cabinet:

Site photo of veneer peeling machine:

2.3 Control process

When wood is loaded, the machine starts running, and the PLC and GD35 drive will detect signals and calculate quickly, and make sure the last sheet is a complete and qualified.
PLC is the head for signal detection and command distribution.
HMI is used for parameters setting and displaying.
Roller shaft holds the wood and makes it rotate.
Feeder roller steps forward according to the calculated curve, make sure even veneer thickness.
Rubber roller is used for transporting the wood sheets.
Cutter is used for cutting the wood sheet at length. The length can be set in HMI.

2.4 Parameters setting

2.4.1 Cutter inverter setting

Function codeNameSetting value
P00.00Speed control mode3
P00.01Run command channel1
P00.03Max. output frequency200
P00.04Upper limit of the running frequency200
P00.06A frequency command selection4
P00.11ACC time10.5
P00.12DEC time10.8
P05.01S1 terminal function selection1
P05.02S2 terminal function selection45
P05.04S4 terminal function selection7
P05.06S6 terminal function selection4
P05.08S8 terminal function selection43
P08.06Jog running frequency50
P08.07Jog running ACC time0.6
P08.08Jog running DEC time0.6
P14.00Local communication address5
P14.02Digital bit checkout0
P20.00Encoder type0
P20.01Encoder pulse number2500
P21.28Torque feed forward gain40
P23.00Cutter mode1
P23.03Cutter diameter220
P23.04Numerator of the cutter gearbox150
P23.05Denominator of the cutter gearbox10
P23.06Diameter of the material feeding roller120
P23.07Pulses of the material feeder encoder600
P23.11Cutting speed increase in the synchronization area14.6
P23.16Unit of cutting length3

2.4.2 Roller shaft inverter/ Rubber roller inverter/ Feeder inverter setting

Function codeNameRoller shaft inverter setting valueRubber roller inverter setting valueFeeder inverter setting value
P00.00Speed control mode222
P00.01Run command channel111
P00.03Max. output frequency200200200
P00.04Upper limit of running frequency200200200
P00.06A frequency command selection444
P00.11ACC time10.50.50.5
P00.12DEC time10.80.80.8
P05.01S1 terminal function selection111
P05.02S2 terminal function selection002
P05.04S4 terminal function selection777
P08.37Dynamic braking enable001

3.System advantages

High accuracy of wood radius calculation
Fast response of cutter inverter, high accuracy of veneer length
Fast response of feeder inverter, even veneer thickness
Speed adjustable, max speed 200m/min
Make sure the last sheet qualified, less wastage
Unattended, automatic operation.


INVT PLC, HMI and GD35/GD200A inverter solution is successfully used for veneer peeling machine which is the main equipment for plywood production. It improves the production efficiency and accuracy, and user friendly design, simplifies the maintenance. The INVT solution for veneer peeling machine has been widely introduced and applied all over China and makes our partners more competitive in the market.


[1] GD200A Series general purpose vector control inverter instruction manual, Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.
[2] GD35 Series close loop vector control inverter instruction manual, Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.

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