Automatic High Pressure Cylinder Forming Machine Application

Release time:2023-09-08
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Abstract: With the development of the manufacturing industry, the cylinder industry has gradually accelerated informatization and automation, and the automatic cylinder forming machine has made the production process more efficient through technological innovation, and the safety performance of the product has also been improved. Next, the market size of the cylinder industry will continue to rise, and the future development trend will continue to rise.

Process difficulties

The traditional cylinder forming process has many problems such as multiple steps and complex processes, which makes the production efficiency of the cylinder low, and the qualification rate of the cylinder due to the large steel defect is low. Therefore, the cylinder forming technology needs to be continuously updated, upgraded to a fully automated cylinder forming process, and the cylinder forming is realized by adopting a single-rotary wheel multi-pass spinning forming technology process for seamless steel pipes, improving production efficiency, and increasing the wall thickness of the steel pipe at both ends to meet the high pressure demand of 8~30Mpa.

INVT solution

According to the process requirements and technical difficulties, INVT launched the system scheme of HMI, AX71 controller, DA200 series servo and GD350 inverter, and the main rotating axis of the cylinder forming machine is controlled by the frequency converter, which can make the equipment stepless speed change and smooth operation. The spin-forming shaft can effectively improve the production efficiency and yield of the equipment through the absolute positioning and full closed-loop mode of the DA200 servo. In addition, there are the following advantages:

1. The HMI system can record cylinders of various specifications and models, and the equipment is fully automatic feeding and production, and the equipment operation is simple;

2. The system adopts EtherCAT bus servo to control the action of each servo axis, which can respond quickly;

3. The system adopts a 23-bit multi-turn absolute value motor, which can be positioned by the absolute position of the motor encoder without external reinstallation of the mechanical origin.

4. The rotary extrusion shaft is connected to the servo second encoder by installing a 40000ppr encoder mechanically for feedback to do full closed-loop mode control to reduce the deviation caused by the mechanical gap


Customer benefit

1. In the low-cost and high-quality large-scale production, the absolute positioning is done through the INVT DA200 servo EtherCAT bus mode, and the production efficiency of each type of cylinder is quickly switched to improve product production efficiency, and the production speed reaches 30pcs/h.

2. At the same time, INVT's full closed-loop mode scheme can effectively reduce the problem of excessive deviation caused by mechanical clearance, reduce the product bottle mouth to ±0.2mm, and the overall length of the bottle body ± 2.0mm, which greatly improves the yield of the product and improves the production process of the equipment.

3. The overall use of HMI+AX71 controller, DA200 series servo and GD350 inverter scheme can realize the industrial automation production of equipment, reduce 

production labor, reduce the production cost of products, and reduce the safety accidents caused by errors caused by manual operation compared with traditional equipment.


In the successful application of high-pressure cylinder forming machine equipment, INVT's automation solution mainly improves the stability, production efficiency and product quality of the equipment by realizing automatic control and optimizing the efficiency of the production line, reducing production costs and creating greater value for customers.

INVT has a wealth of automation product line and market application experience, and will continue to work hard to keep up with the technological development of the industry in the future.

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