Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality action|4 minutes for heavy trucks to replace batteries, INVT shows China's speed!

Release time:2023-07-21
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On July 22, 2021, China's first robotic side-swap heavy-duty truck replacement station was put into operation in Xining, Qinghai. This is the first pilot demonstration project for the electrification of urban muck trucks in western my country.

"Battery swapping" refers to splitting the electric vehicle and the battery. When the new energy vehicle is low in power, go to the swap station to replace a fully charged battery.

For heavy-duty trucks (abbreviation: heavy trucks), compared with the charging mode, the battery swap mode can effectively solve the pain points such as scarcity of charging parking spaces, large battery capacity, and long waiting time for charging. Fully improve the utilization rate of heavy trucks and become an effective solution for heavy truck electrification energy supply solutions.


Under the background of actively serving for Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, this power station located in Nanchuan Industrial Park, Xining City covers an area of 10 acres, can save 1.5 million liters of diesel per year, replace 8 million kWh of electricity annually, and reduce carbon emissions by 1075 tons per year. .

INVT helps China's first robotic side-swap heavy truck replacement power station

1 Customer requirements

This is the first robotic heavy-duty truck replacement station in China, which has original patents such as multi-level configuration of mechanical arms and asynchronous control.

The principle of the equipment is that the robot transmission of the manipulator is composed of four servos, and the battery exchange vehicle is fixed at the corresponding position. During the battery exchange process, the manipulator pulls out the truck battery and places it in the control room, and replaces it with a fully charged new one from the control room. Batteries, placed in the battery storage area behind the truck cab.

Requirements for Servo device:

①The servo has high reliability, stable product quality and high positioning accuracy;

②The power exchange can be completed in the shortest possible time. Due to the need for the servo to run at over-speed, the motor needs a strong overload capacity;

③The servo can support PROFINET communication mode.

2 INVT solution introduction

Based on customers requirements, INVT provides four servo drives with PN communication--DA200-F0 series for the power station. 


INVT solution topology diagram

Product  typeProduct seriesQuantityBrandDescription
Servo systemDA2004INVTX,Y,R,Z   axis
HMIVS-070SE1INVT7   inch
INVT solution configuration

3 INVT solution advantages

①The motor has a high protection level and can adapt to various environments;

②Support PROFINET bus communication, the control is simpler, the wiring is simple, and it is convenient for after-sales work;

③Use absolute value motor, no need to return to the origin, higher efficiency;

④The motor has strong overload capacity and high positioning accuracy.

4 Customer benefits

Through INVT's proposal, the first robot heavy truck replacement station in China can benefit:

Six core technical advantages such as high redundancy, high precision and high reliability can be realized

It can realize the driver's "one-button operation" to complete the entire battery replacement process

Accurate positioning of vehicles and battery boxes and quick battery replacement

Provide uninterrupted power exchange service

A single fully automatic battery change takes no more than 4 minutes

1 electric replacement station can guarantee the round-the-clock operation of 50 electric muck trucks


With the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies and the continuous maturity of electric drive technology, the electrification of heavy trucks, construction machinery and other operating vehicles will become a future development trend.

The cooperation between INVT and China's first robotic side-swapping heavy-duty truck replacement station not only represents that INVT has been fully recognized in terms of product quality and service level, but also represents "constantly making new achievements in promoting ecological protection and high-quality development of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau." Lively practice of important spirit.

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