Application of INVT GD300-EP Series Inverter in the Marine Power Supplies

Release time:2022-09-16
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Ocean freight costs have soared, energy saving and cost reduction is an urgent need.
With the advance of globalization, the countries in the world are more closely connected, and the important position of ocean shipping is more and more prominent. But in the post-pandemic era, ocean freight costs have soared.
The constant frequency and constant voltage cabinet system of Marine shaft power generation equipment can make the main diesel engine run under high load for a long time, which can effectively reduce the fuel cost of freighter and has good economy.

A new scheme in the field of constant frequency and constant voltage system Marine power supply is presented-Uninterrupted power supply.
The working principle of the constant frequency and constant voltage cabinet system of Marine shaft power generation equipment is that the main shaft of the ship engine drives the generator set, and the generator outputs power to the constant frequency and constant voltage system cabinet. Through the constant frequency and constant voltage system ,frequency and voltage can be regulate, it can achieve the functions of stable output voltage, low harmonics and small grid-connected impact current.
This is a new scheme of constant frequency and constant voltage system in the field of Marine power supply, which not only has the energy-saving effect of shaft generator, but also has stable voltage output, so as to realize uninterrupted power supply to the electrical equipment on board.
For example, a technology enterprise from Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, originally needed to configure a diesel generator that needs to be turned on permanently for the ship's electrical equipment, but after using the equipment launched by INVT, as long as the ship is sailing, it does not need another diesel generator to generate electricity, and the electricity can be taken directly from the system, so that fuel can be saved.


INVT GD300-EP variable frequency drive solution is more stable and energy efficient.
According to the needs of customers, INVT launched the solution of INVT GD300-EP series special inverter in the shaft generator, which can make the power emitted by the generator need to be rectified through the GD300-EP series special inverter to stabilize the output voltage and frequency at 380V and 50Hz, overcome the voltage and frequency changes caused by the instability of the spindle speed, and realize the constant frequency and constant voltage output of the power supply.

Control schemes
Main control machine: INVT exclusive model inverter GD300-EP
Coordination system: INVT VS-070HS HMI, PLC, communication module, communication board, power acquisition module and other auxiliary material circuit breakers, relays, etc.
Through the INVT special frequency inverter GD300-EP internal dedicated constant frequency constant voltage adjustment function,  PLC as an auxiliary writing parameter, so that the output voltage and frequency of the inverter are at a stable numerical value.

Electrical configuration




Control instructions




VS series HMI




Human-computer interface, communication with PLC via Ethernet cable

     Variable frequency drive





Control constant voltage and frequency

Communication module




PLC communicates with frequency converter and data acquisition module





Collecting,data,writing parameters,monitoring status

  Data acquisition    module




Collect voltage,electricity, frequency, power, etc.

Schematic diagram of electric cabinet system principle


Field control cabinet


Application advantages
According to the field data, through the constant frequency and constant voltage cabinet system scheme of INVT Marine shaft power generation equipment, there are three advantages:
1. Stable output voltage: AC voltage error can be controlled within 1V during operation;
2. Frequency stability: frequency error can be controlled within 0.3Hz;
3. Save energy consumption: Take 7000 tons of freighter as an example, 24 hours operation can save 2000 yuan diesel cost.

The use of INVT GD300-EP inverter can well meet the working needs of shaft generator, both in the stability of power supply voltage and frequency and in the protection of external equipment and other aspects have excellent performance.
With the use of this system, the power of the ship's main diesel engine can be fully utilized, and the excess energy can be utilized to provide power to the ship's equipment, and the use of other backup generators can be slowed down, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and bring great economic benefits to users.

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