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In recent years, the Olympic Games have also spread the concept of green ecology to the world. This year's Winter Olympics in Beijing, in particular, is the first time in Olympic history that all venues will be powered by clean energy, bringing the "green Olympics" to an extreme.

As a PV inverter manufacturer, INVT PV actively responded to the "Green Olympics", supported the construction of clean energy projects for Olympic venues, and participated in the optical storage and charging system demonstration project of the Olympic Games Venue in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province and the optical storage demonstration project of the Olympic Games zone in Chongli District.

Aoxue Town Winter Olympics zone: 250kW optical storage charging demonstration project

Project background

It was completed in March 2021 and provide green electricity for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

Application product

INVT PV BD250KTR-MT three-phase energy storage converter +BG50KTR three-phase grid-connected inverter +BG40KTR three-phase grid-connected inverter



Project significance

High efficiency power supply

To provide 100% clean energy and high reliable power supply for new energy charging in the Winter Olympic zone. The project combines photovoltaic, energy storage and charging stations: During the day, PV power generation is given priority to meet the charging demand of electric vehicles in the parking shed, and the excess power is stored through the battery storage system, which is supplemented by discharging the battery storage system when the PV output is insufficient; at night, the battery storage system is used to absorb the low valley power and support the charging load during the charging peak period, effectively reducing the grid load of the charging station during the peak period, guaranteeing the charging demand during the Olympic Games, improving the system operation efficiency and reducing the cost of electricity.

Energy conservation and green travel

Through the supply of green and clean energy, the parking area of the Winter Olympic Games will be green, low-carbon and energy-saving, which will fulfill the advocacy of "green travel" for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and help achieve the goal of double carbon.

Chongli Winter Olympic Zone 630kW Light Storage Demonstration Project


Project background

The project is completed in March 2021. Provide green electricity for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

Application product

INVTPV BD630KTR-M energy storage converter +BD500KTR-DE DC/DC converter


● Project significance

High efficiency power supply

Winter Olympic zone 100% renewable energy high reliable power supply

Ecological environmental protection and Energy conservation

PV power generation does not produce any waste gas, waste water, waste slag and other wastes, replacing traditional energy generation, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, sulfur dioxide emissions, safe and pollution-free. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), in terms of carbon dioxide reduction, installing 1 square meter of photovoltaic power system is equivalent to planting 100 square meters of trees.

Not only the Olympic venue, when "carbon neutrality", "carbon peaking" has become a global consensus, many countries in the world set off a wave of construction of PV power stations, to promote green development. INVT PV focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of PV inverters, based on the PV industry, allowing clean energy to enter thousands of households, helping many well-known enterprises in different industries at home and abroad to embark on the road of energy transformation, achieving the best of both worlds in terms of energy saving, low carbon and economic benefits.

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