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Abstract: Washing machine is important equipment in garment factory, washing plant, mining company, schools, hotels and hospitals. It can improve working efficiency and reduce the labor cost. Keeping the stability of the control system and drive system is very important. This article will introduce an application of INVT inverter Goodrive200A used on washing machine, which is very popular in Indonesia market. This application proved the stable solution of INVT.

Keywords: Goodrive200A, frequency inverter, washing machine

1.System principle

About the industry washing machine, there are 2 main parts: electrical system and mechanical system, this article introduces the design scheme and the hardware structure of the electric-drive control system.

Figure 1 Structure of washing machine

2. Main part list:

DriveGD200A-011G/015P-4To drive the roller motor, receive the start/stop signal and speed signal from controller
PLCIVC1-1614MAR1Mange the entire control system, monitor the feedback signal from side equipments and output the single to operate solenoid valves, adjust the running speed of roller
Motor7.5kW/380V/60Hz/1750rpm/14.4ADrive the roller for washing

3. Process

Generally there are 4 steps in the washing process: soaking / washing/ drainage / dehydration.

a.Soaking: After users put the cloths or hotel supplies to the roller, lock the door, select the suitable program and press the START button, the PLC will operate the inlet values to let the water and detergent into the roller. At the same time, output a running command to start the inverter, and rotate the roller at a low speed 2Hz/70rpm, keep the running direction positive or reverse moving in circles.

b.Washing: After the setting time(about 10 minutes), PLC will increase the output analog signal, keep the motor running at 10.7Hz/375rpm, keep the running direction forward or reverse moving in circles.

c.Drainage: After the setting time (Can be adjusted by HMI), operate the drain value to drain the water,

d.Dehydration: PLC will increase the output analog signal, keep the motor running at 146.3Hz/5120rpm, in order to clean the water by centrifugal force.

4. Advantages

◆ Adopt INVT PLC and inverter on the washing machine, the effect is very clear:

◆ Reduce the surge current and make the motor running process are more smooth.

◆ Improve the speed control performance, more accurate.

◆ Increase the maximum speed up to 5120rpm, about 3 times of the motor rated speed 1750rpm.

◆ Frequent acceleration and deceleration, the positive and reverse switch without fault;

◆ Sensor-less vector control, keep the output torque at low frequency.

◆ Reduce the maintenance of the speed adjustment mechanism.

◆ Set the washing process and program the PLC is easier.

◆ Reduce the wiring, more clear to maintain

5. Solution

Figure 2 Circuit diagram of inverter

Related parameters:

P00.00Speed control modeP01.08Stop selection
P00.01Run command channelP05.01S1 terminal function
P00.03Max. frequencyP05.02S2 terminal function
P00.04Upper limit frequencyP05.03S3 terminal function
P00.05Lower limit frequencyP05.33AI lower limit
P00.06Frequency commandP05.35AI upper limit
P00.11ACC timeP06.03Output relay 1 function
P00.12DEC timeP10.04Multi-step speed 1

6. Applications

Washing machine figure:

7. Conclusion

For industry washing machine, INVT Goodrive 200A shows us a excelent performance, it proves that GD200A can meet the requirement, and realize the stable and reliable characteristic. Based on the advantages, INVT industrial washing solution has been widely used successfully in Indonesia, China and other countries.


[1] Operation manual of Goodrive200A inverter of Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.

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