Drinking Water Pumping Station in Querétaro Mexico

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Left side is GD200A-110G/132P-4 drive, control pump of 110kW. And the distance between pump and drive is about 250m. So add AC output reactor.

Pump to cooling water tank.

Right side are double GD200A-022G/030P-4 drives, they are used to pump the cooling water from the cooling water tank to another high water storage tank.

Use INVT IVC1 series PLC, analog I/O module, and VT070 series HMI to control the double GD200A-022G/030P-4 VFDs.

PLC collects the temperature and pressure signals in the cooling water tank, and starts and stops the frequency drive according to the feedback value of the water level sensor in the cooling water tank. If the water level of the cooling water tank drops to a certain value, it is necessary to open the 110KW frequency drive to pump water into the cooling water tank. If the water level of the cooling water tank reaches the high level, two 22KW frequency converters control the two pumps to pump water To the high water level storage tank, and then achieve the purpose of emptying the water tank. When the water in the cooling water tank is lower than the set low water level, the 110KW frequency drive starts to pump water from the deep well to the cooling water tank for make-up water. After the water in the cooling water tank reaches the high water level, the two 22KW pumps start to work again, and so on. Thus, the whole system realizes HMI simple setting of high and low water level, temperature and pressure, and the water pump automatically starts and stops operation, so as to achieve the function of building water supply system, which greatly saves energy and is convenient to use.

Product features:

Temperature, pressure, temperature and level transmitters were integrated into the system, all controlled by a PLC and an HMI.

Equipment list:

1 GD200A 110G / 150P-4
1 Output reactor
2 GD200A 022G / 030P-4
1 IVC1 1006 MAR
2 IVC1 5AM
1 VT 070 with ethernet

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