Application of INVT Power Supply in Guizhou Power Grid Company

Release time:2020-04-04
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In October 2014, our company successfully won Guizhou Power Grid Corporate’s bid of first batch of secondary materials exchange uninterruptible power supply system procurement projects in 2014. After repeated fierce competition, INVT RM200 modular series UPS power supply defeated the competitor and won the bid with its superior product performance and company’s strong overall strength.

Guizhou Power Grid Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the planning, construction, operation, management and power sales of power grids in Guizhou Province. The company has 22 direct reporting units, and directly or on behalf manages the province's 88 counties (cities, districts) power supply (power) Bureau (company). The successful products are mainly used for information room construction and transformation of two important subordinate units of Guizhou power Grid Company.

The project range covers the whole country, since gaining the tender information, INVT UPS carefully arranged bidding work with a clear work division and responsibility, and put forward specific requirements of tender documents, technical quality and so on. Company marketing department responsible officers seriously study the tender documents, comprehend the tender intention, and developed a careful work plan, then prepared and carefully organized implementing. Ultimately, the good reputation, industry experience, strong technical strength, excellent program and reasonable offer make our company stand out in a number of tender units and win the customer's recognition, which is enough to prove our company's strength.

The successful bidder has once again consolidated our company’s market position in UPS power industry and laid a more solid foundation for future market development. In the following days, there will be more and more tenders, and we believe that we will create greater success and achieve more impressive results with our company's brand, leader’s planning and preparing, and all staffs’ enthusiasm.

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