Friction Welder - INVT Goodrive350 VFD

Release time:2020-04-03
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The friction welding machine is a new type of welding, which has the advantages of solid welding, wide process adaptability, high reliability, high dimensional accuracy, high efficiency and low consumption .etc. Now it is widely used in hydraulic pipe fitting processing enterprises.

Friction welding is usually a method of rotating workpiece butt welding. The main parameters which need to control are rotation speed, welding time, upset pressure, friction time, friction positioning accuracy. The positioning accuracy is the key parameter of friction welder, which is related to welding quality and welding strength.

Figure 1 friction welding appearance diagram

Friction welder mainly made up of main engine(machine tool), hydraulic system and control system. INVT GD350 series frequency converter is mainly used in the spindle. The requirements of the friction welding machine for frequency converter control are as follows:

1. After each automatic welding, the spindle shall be positioned at the same position to ensure the welding accuracy.

2. The frequency converter shall be operated in excess of frequency, with the maximum operation reaching 70HZ.

3. The frequency converter has a strong overload capacity. The acceleration and deceleration time is 0.4s, and the positioning acceleration and deceleration time are 0.4s.

4. Scene pictures

GD350 series application advantages

GD350 inverter is a high-performance vector engineering servo drive. It has a rich I/O interface and has a wide range of speed regulation, response speed, high precision control characteristics. In particular, it has strong overload capacity (150% overload allows 1 minute every 5 minutes) and high control accuracy (the error is 0.1% maximum speed under closed-loop vector control), which ensures the friction welder to operate without failure for 24 hours.

The successful application of INVT GD350 series inverter in friction welder provides a higher ratio of the localization of frequency converter drive solutions, created the localization solutions of the frequency converter, and GD350 series inverter can be operated simply and maintained conveniently. Its failure rate is low, which can be explained that INVT GD350 series inverter is suitable for precise positioning applications.

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