Application of INVT GD18 and DA180 in Tissue Packing Machine

Release time:2020-11-18
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Abstract:The tissue packing machine is mainly used for the bagging of various specifications of soft tissue, instead of traditional manual packaging, it has the characteristics of fast speed and neat and beautiful packaging. This paper focuses on the introduction the system of INVT GD18 and DA180 in Tissue packing machine.

Keywords: GD18, DA180,Tissue packing machine

This tissue packing machine is a semi automatic equipment.Use INVT GD18 to control two conveyor belt moving the tissue. Tissue enter the packaging area in batches through the limit switch. The tissue are arranged according to the packaging requirements by servo, and sent to the left and right areas for bagging and sealing, and the tissue is manually removed at last step. The movement of packaging part is controlled by air cylinder. The operation of solenoid valve is controlled by PLC.

Photo-1: Packaging machine structure

Photo-2: Packaging process

2.Equipment Selection:

4PLC I/O Extension ModuleIVC-EH-0808ENT1

3.System diagram

4.Debugging steps

(1)Check whether all I/O points of PLC, electron magnetic valve action and direction of valve are correct. Whether the corresponding signal and instructions of HMI is correct.
(2)Debug the motion track, speed, return to zero action and fault action of each single servo respectively. Total of five axes, slitting paper, horizontal devide layer, vertical devide layer, left and right push material.
(3)Semi automatic logic continuous adjustment, automatically return to zero point after pushing paper, and automatically devide the paper through sensor.
(4)Debugging alarm and pre-warning and other fault response, various high and low speed debugging.

5.System photo

Photo-3: Electrical cabinet

Photo-4: Packing platform

Photo-5: HMI interface

Photo-6: Tissue packaging sample

6.Product features

6.1 GD18 Series two in one VFD main features:
Excellent driving performance and control function, dual DSP solution.
Highly hardware configuration, powerful software function and optimized book-shaped structure design.
Suitable for two or more frequency converters with the same power or similar power required in the same occasion.

6.2 DA180 Series two in one VFD main features:
High speed response(up to 2.0kHz).
Light and handy. Compared with DA200, DA180 can maximum reduce the size by 45%.
Accurate positioning,17-bit absolute encoder.
Support EtherCAT, CANopen, Modbus fieldbus.


INVT PLC, HMI, Servo and VFD solution is successfully used for tissue packing which is the basic and popular packing machine. It improves the production efficiency and accuracy, and user friendly design, simplifies the maintenance. It’s worth to promote all over the world.


1.GD18 operation manual, Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd

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