DA180 Economy AC Servo Drives

DA180 series basic AC servo drive is the new generation of INVT simplified single-axis servo product. Utility oriented,DA180 focuses on the essential of manufacturing, achieving quick need response and making expansion easy. It provides efficient and competitive solutions for the simplification, networking requirements of general-purpose equipment.
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DA180 drive is a new generation of basic servo drive that INVT develops, using the modular design, USB communication with the upper computer software, and bus control options Modbus, EtherCAT and CANopen. In addition, DA180 drive supports online and offline inertia identifying, gain switching, auto and manual notch filters, internal point-to-point (PTP) control, and multiple types of encoders.

The electromagnetic compatibility design enables DA180 drive to provide strong anti-electromagnetic interference capacity but also achieve low noise and electromagnetic interference weakening in the application sites.

DA180 Servo

DA180 Series Servo Drive Manual

DA180 Folders(EN)

DA180 3D Files

DA180 Certificate of Conformity

Servoplorer(INVT Servo Monitor Software)

DA180 Series Basic AC Servo System Catalog

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