GD300L Series Elevator Drives

GD300L series drives are the new-generation inverters developed based on CHV180 series inverters with GD300 control platform. As using TI 28-series DSP and advanced vector control technology. GD300L elevator drives improved great achievements in security and reliability, control performance, and use functions.
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(1)Safe Torque Off(STO)
(2)Forced deceleration
(3)Emergency running
(4)Brake and contactor control

(1)Starting torque compensation with weight sensors
(2)Starting torque compensation without weight sensors
(3)ACC/DEC S curve algorithm
(4)Optimized ASR

Ease of use
(1)Ability to drive asynchronous and synchronous motors
(2)Support open loop control mode without encoder and closed loop control mode with encoder
(3)Static identification on the initial pole angle of a synchronous motor
(4)Support multiple types of encoder
(5)Energy-saving running mode
(6)Monitor and control by upper computer software
(7)Optional LCD keypad

GD300-L drive

GD300L Catalog( EN)

GD300-L Series VFD Manual

INVT Elevator Products Catalog(EN)

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