EC160A Elevator Intelligent Machine

EC160A elevator intelligent integrated machine is the whole "core" generation of intelligent elevator control system integrating drive technology, control technology, network communication technology as a whole design concept. It uses advanced frequency conversion vector control technology, intelligent elevator control technology, network communication technology, organically integrating the elevator drive, control, management into one.
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Dual 32-bit processor;

Integrated with synchronous and asynchronous encoder interfaces;

Motor autotuning current loop parameter autotuning, support potential angle autotuning at power up;

Auto generation of N numbers of curves, auto identification of super-short floor;

Support commissioning via elevator car and mobile APP;

Intelligent diagnosis of elevator balance coefficient, intelligent learning of door logic;

Self-adaption of hall calling board physical floor;

Built-in data black box function, record the elevator running state data before fault to help analysis fault cause;

Support power loss detection;

Match with multiple kinds of encoders;

Standard encoder interface supports SIN/COS encoder, UVW encoder, ABZ incremental encoder, external encoder card and the encoder with EnDat interface;

Voltage class:1PH AC220V±15%3PH AC380V±15%

The highest floor: 64

Max speed: 6m/s

Single elevator, parallel and group control, 8 elevators at most for group control, support destination floor

Attachment: EC160A comprehensive technical parameter

Configuration instruction

For outline and installation dimensions, see the sample book

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