Passenger Elevator Case - INVT Auto Rescue Device in India

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This paper mainly presents INVT Auto Rescue Device used for passenger elevator in India. It gives the detailed solution for rescuing the passengers in the elevator when the power is gone. Engineering practice shows that INVT Auto Rescue Device is very easy to install and free maintenance. It has good performance and stability on passenger elevator application.

Keywords: ARD, Auto Rescue Device, Passenger elevator.

I. Introduction

With the continuous progress of society, and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, elevator is used more and more widely. People’ requirement to the elevator is no longer limited that it can be used, began to pay more attention to the ride comfort and safety. Due to the power supply problem in India, the passengers were trapped in the elevator happened frequently. In order to avoid this kind of trapping, the Auto Rescue Device is needed.

INVT ARD is a newest generation of emergency rescue device for elevator control system. It can drive cabinet to the nearest floor or bottom floor and open the door safely in the event of AC mains power failure, also in the case of power problem with elevator itself. The smart CPU-based ARD can be installed with any type of control panel of elevator system. It configured with sealed and free maintenance acid batteries, and can be easily installed.

II. Basic information of INVT ARD

How does it work?

The ARD automatically turns into operation mode within few seconds when the AC main power is failure or power system got problem in elevator itself. If the cabinet is at the floor leveling, the ARD simply open the cabinet door. If the cabinet is blocked between two floors, the ARD will drive the motor running in the light direction, and leveling the cabinet to the nearest floor or bottom floor, and then open the door. When this operation has been completed, the ARD will turn off automatically.

The main features of INVT ARD are as follows:

• Smart CPU to detect the elevator power condition at real time and operate the safe landing for any emergency happened.

• V3F technology to fit the variable voltage and variable frequency for reliable power supply to the elevator

• Complex control circuit design

• Compact mechanical design for space-saving

• Easy installation and safe operation

• LCD display

• Overload management for heavy loads

III. INVT ARD solution for passenger elevator

1. ARD electrical configuration

ARD configuration instruction

2. Solution for passenger elevator

Machine room and ARD

Tab 1 Lift information and ARD configuration

Lift speed1.75m/s
Capacity20 persons, 1600kg
Floor10 floors
Power supply3 phase 415V
Motor typeAsynchronous motor
Rated power of motor20kW
INVT ARD selectionARD-60
Battery configuration10nos 12V 9Ah

3. ARD settings

After connecting the cables, set the ARD start running delay time and shut down delay time through dip switch SW1 according to the below table.

Start running delay timeSW1Shut down delay time


And then shut down the main power, the ARD will run. Adjust the potentiometers VR1,VR2 and VR3 on the control board according the below instructions.


•  VR1 adjusting: Measure the output voltage, if the output voltage is lower than 415V, and adjust the potentiometer VR1, till the output voltage is around 415V.

•  VR2 adjusting: If the ARD tripped at “over load SD”, adjust the potentiometer VR2, till the alarm reset.

•  VR3 adjusting: Measure the battery charging voltage, if the charging voltage is less then 140VDC, and adjust the potentiometer VR3, till the charging voltage is around 140VDC.

4. Advantages

•  Smart CPU to detect the elevator power condition at real time

•  Compact mechanical design for space-saving

•  Easy installation and safe operation

•  LCD display

IV. Conclusion

Higher performance and easy debugging save both time and material cost. With the advanced technology and high cost-effective, INVT ARD is more and more popular in the global market.

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