Elevator Caller and Display DC Series

Call display panel is one of the important interfaces for the interaction between EC100, EC160 and EC300 controller and the user. It receives the call from passengers and displays current floor and running direction. The floor display panel can act as the elevator car display panel. The hall call panel is divided into dot matrix display panel, LCD horizontal display panel and LM21-070 multi-media picture machine to satisfy the demands in different applications.
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Adopt 32-bit processor;

Delicate 10mm super-thin design to fit wall-mounted hall calling box;

CANBUS serial communication, simple wiring, stable and reliable;

Display all ASC code characters;

Equipped with calling, lock and fire control functions;

Display of overload, full load and maintenance is available via optional accessories;

Dot matrix scrolling display;

Application display: Hall call display, elevator car display

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