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Inverter displays five 8?

The possible cause of failure: 

1. keyboard failure or keyboard connection line is not good; 

2. main control board failure; 

3. drive plate wiring is not connected properly; 

4. drive power problems

How to handle motor stall?

Check whether the motor, wire and inverters are damaged or not, whether the line is connected properly, whether the parameter setting is appropriate, such as upper limit frequency, lower limit frequency, basic frequency, maximum frequency setting, whether or not they are contradictory. With external control timing, is there a preset  option and other improper settings.

How to deal with the machine overheating?

When faced with this situation, first check whether the cooling fan runs properly with the hand, when the fan is running normally, determine whether the environment temperature is too high, inverter ventilation is poor, or whether the temperature detection circuit is faulty.

The reason for phase loss fault

The inverter has single phase 220V and three-phase 380V, and the input phase loss is only in the three-phase product. The diagram shows the main circuit of the inverter, R, S, and T are the three-phase AC input, and when one of the phases is disconnected due to the failure of the fuse or breaker, the phase loss fault occurs.

How to handle the overload?

1) Check whether the motor is overheat
If the temperature rise of the motor is not high, the electronic thermal protection function of the inverter should be checked first. If the inverter still has surplus capacity, increase the preset value of the electronic thermal protection function. If the temperature rise of the motor is too high, and the overload appears to be normal overload, the overload of the motor is explained. At this point, the transmission ratio should be properly increased to reduce the load on the motor shaft, increase the transmission ratio if possible. If the transmission ratio cannot be increased, the capacity of the motor should be increased.

2) Check the three phase voltage balance on motor side
If the three-phase voltage on the motor side is unbalanced, the three-phase voltage of the output end of the inverter should be checked again. If it is not balanced, the problem is in the inverter. If the inverter output voltage is balanced, the problem lies in the line between the inverter to motor, we should check all the terminal screws are tightened, if there are other electrical contactor or appliances between the inverter and the motor, check whether the connection terminals have been tightened, and the contact condition of contact is good.

What are the main reasons for the overload?

In the operation of the motor, the running current exceeds the rated value, but less than the over-current limit value, the operation time is longer, such phenomenon is called overload. The basic characteristics are: Although the current overload exceeds the rated value, but the exceeding range is small, generally do not form a large surge current (otherwise it becomes overcurrent fault), another prominent feature is the overload is accumulated, and the overload fault will be reported only the accumulation time is reached.

1) Mechanical overload
The main features is that the motor is heated up which can be sensed by hand touching; or read the running current  from the inverter screen, and compare it with the rated current to judge the overload situation.

2) Unbalanced three-phase voltage
Overload trip occur due to running current of a certain phase is too large, its features is that motor heating is uneven which cannot be found by reading the running current (as many inverter display displays one phase current only); the effective method is to use the voltage meter to measure the three-phase output voltage of the inverter, thus determining whether there is phase loss or imbalance voltage. The current detection part of the inverter breaks down, and the detection of the current signal is too large, leading to overload trip

3) Mal-operation
The current detection part of the inverter has a fault, and the detected current signal is too large, resulting in overload trip

Analysis of overcurrent

1.Overcurrent trip caused during startup
As the load has large inertia, the ACC time of the inverter is set too short, causing the starting trip. The static friction force of the load is large and the starting torque is large. Other causes trigger the starting trip. The feature of starting the overcurrent tripping is that the it will not trip immediately at startup but  in acceleration. In the starting process, the trip can be solved by setting parameters.

2.Overcurrent trip caused by load during normal operation
When normal operation, over-current trip often occur to the inverter, generally it is load instability. Whether it is impact load or not, as long as it is overcurrent trip, first check the inverter overcurrent value meets the tolerance of current transducer, if it reaches the limit current, it is necessary to consider the replacement of high level inverter.

3.Overcurrent trip caused by external circuit short connection
The over-current caused by the motor winding short circuit, connection short circuit and wiring terminal short circuit are the most dangerous overcurrent, because the current has a large steepness, which can easily cause the damage of power module. The characteristic of this kind of overflow is: the inverter trips whenever operates. In this case, you can't try again, carefully check whether there is a short circuit fault in the external circuit.

4. Overcurrent trip caused by damaged internal circuit
The characteristic is: The inverter trips at power up and cannot be reset. The main reason is that the module is damaged, the drive circuit is damaged and the current detection circuit is damaged.

GD300 input phase loss fault SPI?

1. The GD300 phase loss detection detected by software, no hardware detection circuit, judge by detecting the bus voltage.

2. The requirement for the lack of phase loss is the frequency of the voltage amplitude and fluctuation of the bus, even though the input line phase loss occurred, but the load is not large, and it is possible that it will not skip the phase loss protection.

GD300 mal-adjust fault Sto?

1. The motor parameters are not correct, do parameter autotuning, or the motor wiring is not reliable.

2. The load is too large, reduce the load and increase P13.02.

3. The acceleration time is too short, increase ACC time value.

4. Adjust the speed loop and current loop PI parameters, or adjust P13.11.

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