Service Policy


Twenty-four months warranty period after delivery from the factory for the low voltage products while Eighteen months warranty period for the medium voltage products.

Fast delivery

Spares from factory and overseas local warehouse support fast delivery for the repairing purpose in time.


More than 20 worldwide service centers can provide professional repairing and maintaining for the products.


Free on-line technical support along with the warranty service our engineers provide the life-time service management.


Visit customers within 72 hours, caring customers' experience, ensure the normal usage of products.


Issue professional analysis report of products issues, prevent the scene hidden dangers, and provide security services.

Service Policy

Service Process

Service Process
Service Process

Process Description

1. If there is a failure in the use of the product or if you want to replace any parts of the product you need go to the following process;

2. You should contact your sales or related engineers and submit the claim report with the content of product model, series number, and your dealers name if you buy from dealers, and failure description;

3. INVT service engineer will check with the reporters about the failure through phone or any on-line ways within five working days after receiving the failure report;

4. After confirmation with the reporters, the engineer will send the spares from local or factory warehouse for repairing purpose; or notify designated service center to provide the service onsite or send INVT engineers if necessary to solve the problem;

5. After the service INVT engineer will make a call-back check to confirm that the issue has been solved;

6. Or if you have any questions regarding of technical please contact we will reply you within three working days.

Contact Information

INVT aftersales service online system web site:

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