Retrofitting of KONE Elevator in India - INVT EC160A Intelligent Integrated Machine

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This paper mainly presents INVT EC160A intelligent integrated machine used for retrofitting of KONE elevator in India. It gives the detailed retrofitting solution for KNOE elevator and commissioning details. Engineering practice shows that INVT EC160A intelligent integrated machine has good control performance and stability on KNOE elevator.

Keywords: EC160A, KNOE elevator retrofitting, intelligent integrated machine.

I. Introduction

KONE elevator is the top 5 elevator brand in the world, and has very big market share in India. KONE has its own special control system and motor. They are not compatible with other brand control system and motor. So KONE ruled the after sales service market. Any parts broken, the end users have to go with KONE costly spare parts. So the users complain a lot but no other choice.

Now INVT has developed EC160A elevator intelligent integrated machine which can drive KONE motor and replace the whole control system. It can break the monopoly of KONE on after sales service market. EC160A elevator drive intelligent integrated machine has the following features.

Basic performance

• Resources reducing in the elevator installation, debugging, operation and management.

• Max speed: 6m/s Max floor: 64

• Intelligent network group control can control 8 elevators at the same time

• Embedded high-performance starting compensation technology of non-weighting sensor

• Advanced space vector calculation and be compatible to the encoder of AM/SM motor

• High-performance current vector control, 180% torque output at zero speed

• Low voltage emergency-rescue mode of AC220V single phase UPS, search the direction in light load

• Safety enabling hard ware input conform to EN81 standards

Special functions

• Support both serial and parallel communication.

• Hand terminal: stand-alone human-machine interface, on-line Chinese/English help system; functions of debugging management, debugging trace management, parameters uploading/downloading, computer data copying

• The hand terminal can be connected to the CAN interface in the car for convenient parameters setting

• Add TCP/IP internet module for remote debugging and control

• Support remote control of TCP/IP protocol

II. Configuration of KONE elevator

There is one lift out off service due to AMC negotiation fail.

Tab 1 Lift information

Lift speed1.0 m/s
Capacity6 persons, 408KG
Floor7 floors
Power supply3phase 415V
Motor typeSynchronous motor
Rated power of motor3.7kW

Fig 1 KONE control panel and VFD

Fig 2 KONE motor and motor nameplate

III. EC160A solution for KONE elevator retrofitting

1. EC160A electrical configuration

According to the lift configuration and the demanding functions, we provide the electrical solution as follow. Considering higher ambient temperature, one grade higher of intelligent machine rating is selected.

Tab 2 Configuration list

EC160 integrated machineEC160A-5R5-41
Handheld operatorEC-PAD1
Display and calling board7 segment8
Brake resistor50Ω/2000W1

Fig 3 EC160A control panel

2. Encoder retrofitting

2.1 Install the encoder as showing in the below picture:

2.2 Use M3 screw to fix the sensor on the bracket, as showing in the below picture:

2.3 Use M4 screw to fix the bracket on the flange plate of the encoder. The sensor should be under the bracket near the motor wheel side as showing in the below picture, and use glue to fix the magnet:

2.4 Connect the sensor signal to EC160A SUDZ and power cable to 24+ and 24-:

2.5 Make the encoder cable connection according to the below list

EC160A CN10(DB15)Encoder signalEC160A CN9

3. EC160A parameter setting

Basic parameters setting are as follow.

Function CodeNameDescriptionSetting Value
P0.00Control mode1, Vector control with PG1
P0.01Rated speed of the elevator0.100~6.00 m/s1.0
P0.02Max. speed of the elevator0.100~P0.01 m/s1.0
P0.03Max. output frequency10.00~400.00Hz12.73
P0.04Diameter of traction sheave100~2000mm400
P0.05Reduction ratio1.00~6000016666
P0.06Suspension ratio of rope1~82
P1.00Increasing acc 10.001~1.000m/s30.2
P1.01Increasing acc 20.001~1.000m/s30.2
P1.02Acc speed0.001~1.000m/s20.4
P1.03Reducing dec 10.001~1.000m/s30.2
P1.04Reducing dec 10.001~1.000m/s30.2
P1.05Dec speed0.001~1.000m/s20.4
P1.06Door area0~1000mm100
P2.00Motor type selection0: Asynchronous motor0
P2.01Rated power of the motor0.1~150.0kW3.7
P2.02Rated frequency of the motor3.00~400.00Hz12.73
P2.03Rated speed of the motor1~3000rpm96
P2.04Rated voltage of the motor0~460V300
P2.05Rated current of the motor0.1~1000.0A11.2
P3.00Encoder type selection0~66
P3.01Encoder resolution1~100001024
P3.00Encoder direction0: Forward input0
P4.00ASR low speed proportional gain0~10030
P4.02Low speed detection filter time0~82
P4.04ASR high speed proportional gain0~10020
P4.06High speed detection filter time0~82
P4.08ACR proportional coefficient P0~65535600
P4.10ACR filter coefficient0~6553564
P4.09ACR integral coefficient I0~65535600
P5.09Threshold of over speed deviation0.1%~50.0%30.0
P5.10Detection time of over speed deviation0.000~10.0001.500
A1.01Total floor setting2~645
T0.04Brake opening delay0~5.000s0.600
T0.05Brake closing delay0~5.000s0.600
T0.07Direction cancel delay0~5.000s0.600
T0.14Speed reference delay0~5.000s0.600
F0.00High/low voltage detection1: only detection lower voltage1
F0.13Line 2 function selection35: UPS output detection35
F0.18Relative selection of elevator running1: calling below 32 floors connect to inside line1
F0.21Leveling distance0~65535100
F0.22UPS application0: 220V power supply0

4. Advantages

• Intelligent integrated: EC160A is the combination of controller and inverter.

• Support dual communication methods: Serial and parallel communication.

• Simple and stable: 2 sets of CAN communication interface makes the system simple, high efficient and stable.

• Easy debugging: LCD operator with 10 rows display can show all the running state information. It makes debugging easier.

• ARD function: With single phase 220VAC UPS, EC160 can run to the nearest floor and open the door when grid power is off.

IV. Conclusion

After retrofitting by EC160A, the KONE elevator runs perfectly. The customer is very satisfied. It proofs that the monopoly can be broken. More and more customers will choice INVT EC160A to replace KONE system in future. EC160A has broad market prospects.

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