Paper Mill in India - INVT Goodrive35 Series Close Loop Vector Control Inverter

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Abstract: This paper mainly presents INVT GD35 series close loop vector control inverter used for paper mill controlling multi motors through CANopen communication protocol.

Keywords: GD35, close loop control, CANopen communication.


The major processes of paper industry are Pulping, modulation, manufacture and processing.

1) Pulping is the first step of paper making. Wood will be turned to pulping in this process.

2) Modulation is an important process. It determines the paper quality, like strength, color, printing, storage period.

3) Manufacture is making the raw paper to shipping roll. The major processes are filtering raw paper, pressing, winding, cutting, packing.

Schematic diagram of paper making process

II.Project information and Solution

1. Project information

This paper mill designed capacity is 40Ton annually. It requires 88 nos drive upto 132kW. The major applications name and motor ratings are as follows:

SNDrive NameINVT driveOutput reactorMotor KWQty
1Couch RollGD35-132G-4-C1OCL2-132-41101
2Press 1GD35-090G-4-C1OCL2-090-4551
3Press 2GD35-090G-4-C1OCL2-090-4551
4Pre Dryer 1GD35-037G-4-C1OCL2-037-4301
5Pre Dryer 2GD35-037G-4-C1OCL2-037-4301
6Post DryerGD35-037G-4-C1OCL2-037-4301
7Size Press Top & BottomGD35-018G-4-C1OCL2-018-4152
8Post DryerGD35-037G-4-C1OCL2-037-4301
9Pope ReelGD35-030G-4-C1OCL2-030-4221
10Fan PumpGD35-110G-4-C1OCL2-110-4751
11Head RollGD35-5R5G-4-C1OCL2-5R5-42.21

Dryer section photos are as below:

2. INVT solution

In order to realize high accuracy and high response speed, GD35 is applied for this paper mill along with Canopen communication card, the system diagram is as below:

III. System commissioning

After the mechanical installation, power on and follow the below commissioning steps:

A, Restore the factory setting

B, Set the motor parameters and perform the motor autotune.

C, Set the encoder, communication, input terminals parameters

D, Coordinate with PLC, test the system

Control panel

GD35 inverters

IV. Advantages and benefits

• Close loop vector control, high accuracy.

• CANopen communication, fast and stable communication.

Speed ratio1:1000
Speed control accuracy±0.02%
Servo controlPulse given set, you can positioned anywhere in control
Divider output Torque response<10ms
Torque control accuracy≤5%
Starting torque0.00Hz/200%
Overload capacity150% of rated current for 1 minute, 180% of rated current for 10 seconds, 200% rated current for 1 second
Divider outputEncoder pulse divider output (H1, D1-type terminals)
Speed / position mode switchSupport Terminal switch
EncoderA1 inverter supports 200kHz, B1, C1 inverter supports 100kHz,
D1 inverter supports 500kHz, H1 inverter supports 300kHz
Positioning performanceSupport Z pulse and photoelectric switch positioned, accurate positioning without overshoot

V. Conclusion

GD35 series close loop vector control inverter is successfully used in paper mill processes, and performance, accuracy and stability all meet the process requirement.

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