Treadmill Case in India - INVT GD20 Series VFDs

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Abstract: This paper mainly presents INVT GD20 series inverter used for conveyor (Treadmill), application in Gym and hospital in India. It introduced the process and application of treadmill application, and gives the detailed drive configuration.

Keywords:Treadmill, GD20

1. Introduction

The treadmill is a device generally for walking or running while staying in the same place. It is common equipment in the fitness centers & medical testing in hospitals with the belt system controlled by the motor, people can run or walk passively at different speeds. Besides, users can experience different running environment, such as flat land, uphill or variable speed to reach different training purposes, with the auxiliary electronic equipment on the treadmill. Most DC brush motors are used for the past treadmill. However, its weaknesses are the high failure ratio of carbon-brush and commutator device, high maintenance cost and inefficient low-speed torque. Thus, most manufactures adopt the AC motor with the variable frequency drive to improve the weaknesses of the DC motor.

GD20 series mini type general vector inverter, positioned as using the high performance mini product of small power market. GD20 adopted the leading international vector control algorithm, can used in applications like treadmill, Plastic machinery, Printing and packaging, Environmental protection equipment, Ceramic equipment, Woodworking equipment. The main control features are as follows:

• Single Phase 220V: 0.4kW to 2.2kW

• Three Phase 380V: 0.75kW to 2.2kW

• Supports wall mounting and rail mounting

• Sensorless Vector control

• Built-in Braking unit

• HDI/Y1 terminals

• Mini structure: Smaller size, saving installation space.

• Interface: Standard RS485, rich input/output terminals, external keypad.

• Up to 25 fault protections: Protect from over Torque, over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase failure, etc.

2. Brief introduction of treadmill process:

The system diagram of treadmill is as below and the features are as follows:

1. There are two motors in one treadmill: one is for lift, the other is for conveyor. Only conveyor motor is controlled by GD20 AC drive.

2. The GD20 low voltage vfd is to produce instantaneous response to each footfall, smooth running operation throughout the entire speed range and high starting torque interfacing with the microcontroller start and stop command given to S1 and 24V and PW and com are shorted and frequency is decided through A12 and com.

3. The frequency of GD20 is set according to KM/Hr and rpm calculation which is decided by reference voltage to analog input.

3. Site information and drive configuration

1) Case1: Health and Fitness Mumbai

Health and Fitness was founded in 2000, are renowned manufacturer supplier and exporters of fitness equipment covers around 1500sqft and has around 40 machines per month.

The below table listed part of the applications and INVT drive configurations.

SNApplicationVoltagePower ratingINVT drive Model No.

The parameters list is as follows:

Function CodeNameDescriptionSetting
P00.00Control model0:V/F control
1:Sensorless vector control
2:Torque control ( sensorless vector control)
P00.01Run command source0:Keypad (LED extinguished)
1:Terminal (LED flickering)
2:Communication (LED lights on)
P00.03Maximum frequency10.00~400.00Hz110.00Hz
P00.04Upper frequency limitP0.05~P0.03110.00Hz
P00.06Frequency A command source0: Keypad
1: AI1
2. AI2
3: HDI
4. Simple PLC
5: Multi-step speed
P00.11Acceleration time 00.1~3600.0s5.0s
P00.12Deceleration time 00.1~3600.0s5.0s
P00.14Carrier frequency settingSetting range:1.0~15.0kHz15kHz
P02.01Motor rated power0.4~900.0kW3.7
P02.02Motor rated frequency0.01Hz~P0.0350.00Hz
P02.03Motor rated speed0~36000rpm960
P02.05Motor rated current0.8~6000.0A8.8
P03.00ASR proportional gain Kp10~10010
P03.03ASR proportional gain Kp20~10010
P5.01S1 Terminal function1:Forward1
P5.02S2 Terminal function2: Reverse2
P05.39Upper limit of AI2The setting range of P05.39:P05.37~10.00V5
P08.40PWM selection0: PWM mode 1, three-phase modulation and two-modulation
1: PWM mode 2, three-phase modulation

After setting the parameters as per the above the list, GD20 is successfully run from last 3months.

4. Conclusion

Field running experience shows that INVT GD20 series inverter has good control performance and stability on treadmill application. So far both the OEM are satisfied with the performance of GD20.


[1] Operation Manual of GD20 series , Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.

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