INVT DSV200+DA200 Servo Drives Applied to CNC Lathe in Russia

Release time:2021-03-17
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CNC lathe is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. It mainly realizes turning and drilling of metal parts.

The driving device of a CNC machine tool includes a spindle drive unit, a feed unit, a spindle motor, and a feed motor. It realizes spindle and feed drive through electric or servo system under the control of numerical control device.

As an industrial master machine, CNC machine have extremely high requirements for the control performance of frequency drives.

Fig.1 CNC machine

2.Project information

The site is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. The lathe is used to produce metal shell of water meter. The original lathe needs manual operation, which is inefficient and low precision. In order to improve the production efficiency, it is replaced by CNC Lathe.

System configuration:

Control systemLNC T5800EtherCAT type CNC controller1
Spindle drivesDSV200-7R5G-4-B17.5kW, 380V spindle drives1
Spindle motorCK46-200-0757.5kW, 380V PMSM1
Servo drivesSV-DA200-2R0-4-N02kW,380V, EtherCAT, servo drives2
Servo motorsSV-MM13-2R0E-4-1A0-10002kW,380V, servo motors2

System diagram:

Fig.2 System topology

Fig.3 Wiring diagram

Scheme advantage
1)High performance closed loop vector control provides high precision speed control and large torque output;
2)Spindle positioning control accuracy reaches ±1 pulse;
3)The servo drives adopt EtherCAT control to ensure quick response and high precision;
4)Complete protection functions and high system reliability;
5)Compact size, easy system integration.

3.Field site photos

Fig.4 CNC lathe

In the application of CNC machine tools, DSV200 controls the spindle and DA200 controls the feed axis, with excellent performance and high control accuracy. This solution fully meets customer needs.

[1] Shenzhen Invt Electric Co., Ltd. < DSV200 Series Servo Spindle Drive User Manual. >
[2] Shenzhen Invt Electric Co., Ltd. < DA200 Series AC Servo Drive User Manual. >

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