"Sweet manufacturing" - the application of INVT products in the sugar making process

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1. Sugarcane pretreatment

The sugarcane is chopped and torn into filamentous pieces by crushing equipment such as cane cutters, tearing machines and so on.

Equipment at the stage of pretreatment: belt conveyor, bridge crane, tearing machine
INVT GD200A, GD350A, GD350-19, GD5000 and other products can be used for these devices;
   The benefits of inverter drive:
   1) Frequent start and stop, large starting torque and fast torque response;
   2) Centralized automatic control, the running speed can be adjusted according to the output;
   3) Power saving. Taking the inverter running at 30Hz as an example, the power saving rate of belt conveyors and tearing machines is more than 40%;

2. Crushing of sugar cane
The pretreated sugarcane materials are pressed with pressers to extrude sugarcane juice.
The main equipment in the pressing stage are: feeder, presser, sugar water mixing pump, bagasse filter, bagasse elevator, bagasse conveyor belt, etc.
INVT GD200A, GD350A, GD5000 series products can be used for these devices.
   The benefits of inverter drive:
   1) Power saving: the power saving rate of pressers is more than 15%;
   2) The juice extraction rate is improved: the whole line uses inverters and asynchronous motors, and the sugarcane extraction rate is improved by more than 0.2%;
   3) Automatic control, the system speed can be adjusted according to the output requirements;
   4) The system maintenance cost is low.
3. Clarification of cane juice
Clarification treatment mainly includes: heating cane juice - adding clarifying agent - separation and precipitation
The main equipment in the clarification stage of cane juice is various juice pumps;
INVT GD200A, GD350A and other general purpose inverters can drive these pumps, and effectively realize energy saving, automatic control and PID adjustment.
4. Evaporation and crystallization of cane juice
The cane juice is purified to obtain a clear juice with a concentration of 12 degrees BX (sugar weight) -14 degrees BX. The clear juice needs to be evaporated to remove a large amount of water and concentrated into a syrup of about 60 degrees BX before crystallization. The evaporated sugar juice is concentrated into a paste, and the massecuite is unloaded from the boiling sugar tank into the crystallizer, and the gradual cooling process helps the crystals continue to grow and makes the sucrose precipitation more complete, which is called crystallisation.
The main equipment in the evaporation and crystallization stage of cane juice is syrup pump, jet condensate pump, etc.
INVT GD200A, GD350A, GD5000 and other inverters can drive these pumps, which can help the equipment achieve a power saving rate of more than 40%.

5. Separation of molasses
The separation of molasses is to use the centrifugal force generated by the rapid rotation of the centrifuge to throw the molasses out, while the sucrose crystals remain in the sieve basket due to the blocking of the sieve.
The main equipment in the molasses separation stage is a continuous centrifuge, a scraper, and a conveyor belt.
INVT GD350A, GD300, GD800 series inverters can be used for these devices.
  The benefits of inverter drive:
  1) Meet the process requirements: rapid acceleration and deceleration, fast torque response;
  2) Energy saving: both continuous and batch centrifuges have a lot of space for energy saving;
  3) Automatic control: rich field bus, to meet the field control mode;
  4) Excellent overload capacity and stable performance, low system maintenance cost.

6. Drying and packing
Under normal circumstances, the white sugar removed from the centrifuge still has 0.5%-1.5% of moisture, so it needs to be fully dried and cooled.
Finally, these granulated sugars are sieved, weighed, and packaged to become the sugar we buy in the market.

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