Application of INVT Servo DA200 in Dispenser

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1. Introduction and application of dispenser

Dispenser specializes in the control of fluid, dripping the liquid, and coating it on the product surface or the automated machine within product, which can achieve three-dimensional, four-dimensional path dispensing, precise positioning, precision control glue, no wire, no leaking, no dripping. Dispenser is mainly used in the precision dripping, pouring, coating of glue, paint and other liquid in product process to the precise location of each product, which can be used to achieve dripping, drawing lines, round or arc.

It can replace the manual work, achieving mechanized production; stand-alone operation, simple and convenient, high-speed precision; SD card storage, easy data management and machine file transfer; It can be equipped with two-component pumping system, constituting a two-liquid automatic dispenser; it can be installed with dispensing controller and dispensing valve accessories to constitute floor-type dispensing equipment; It can be equipped with screw lock mechanism to constitute automatic lock screw machine; and it can be upgraded to online robots for a variety of automated assembly with strong carrying capacity and large processing space.

2. Equipment structure diagram

Figure 1 - Mechanical structure

Figure 2 - Drive structure

Figure 3 - Servomotor installation

3. Introduction to the process

Dispenser is mainly used for a variety of window gift box, cosmetic box, tissue box, window corrugated carton film, and it includes the film, pumping paper, glue, cutting, bonding and other steps, the main process:

Artificial box - delivery paper - XY spray - artificial box - pressure forming

4. Application program introduction

Figure 4 - Schematictopological graph

5. Servo parameter adjustment and configuration

5.1 DA200 servo wiring diagram

Figure 5 - Signalwiring diagram

5.2 Control signal wiring

The control module is NPN type (common cathode)

Figure 6 - Signalwiring diagram

Do not need the direction signal, just connect 38 feet OCP then 24V + and 24 feet PULSE- then PLC pulse output.

5.3 parameter settings and difficult points

P0.23 set the host command pulse type (according to the host command set),

P0.22 set the required pulses number for one revolution of servo motor

P1.01 set the mechanical inertia (first inertia online self-diagnosis, customer-driven mechanical structure is the long-range synchronization diagnosis, which exists inaccurate phenomenon and needs to fine adjust the inertia parameters)

P1.03 set the servo rigidity (this process requires rigidity at 11-15 to meet the performance requirements,

P2.01 set 1000 (turning off the integral parameter function of any XY axis can achieve fine bending dispensing phenomenon in the arc and linear interpolation.

6. DA200 high-performance AC servo system program advantages

●Speed increasing has reduced the materials cost: the system fixed position rubberizing has greatly reduced the glue cost and enhanced the production efficiency compared to artificial rubberizing.

●Product diversification: the control system can perform circular interpolation, linear interpolation, conduct multi-species processing according to different products types and customer requirements.

●Good stability: increasing the automation degree to enhance the product quality.

simple and quick debugging: set parameters via touch screen key

●Easy installation: 2 times efficiency more than ever.

●Easy maintenance: simple structure, easy after-sales maintenance

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