AX Series Motion Controller

AX series programmable controllers are high performance generic controllers for medium and large-scale control systems.
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1. High-speed calculation capability
Uses the CPU with the basic command processing speed up to 1ns.

2. Large-scale distributed expansion
Supports EtherCAT distributed expansion.

3. Advanced motion control
Integrated with rich motion control functions; Implements synchronization control and advanced motion control such as electronic cam, electronic gear, and positioning by using high-speed EtherCAT bus or pulses.

4. Electronic cam/gear

5. Positioning
Supports 200k pulses/s, including pulses with direction, forward/reverse pulses and quadrature pulses, to implement position and speed control.

6. Visual configuration
Configuration programming
Highly effective debugging

7. Safe and easy to use
Compatible with thermal resistors and thermocouples
Permanent storage of data

8. With CE and RoHS Declaration

AX Series Video


AX-EM-4PTC Temperature Module User Manual

AX-EM-4DA Analog Output Module User Manual

AX-EM-4AD Analog Input Module User Manual

AX Series Programmable Controller Software Manual

AX Series Programmable Controller Programming Manual

AX Series Programmable Controller Hardware User Manual

AX Series CPU Module User Manual

INVT Control Level Product Catalog(EN)

AX Series Controller-3D Files

AX Series PLC CE Declaration

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