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Known as the "Castle Country", Slovakia is one of the countries with the most castles in the world. The cobblestone streets of the ancient city, decorated with Baroque style houses, are full of the ancient marks of the middle ages. From the pure snow on the Tatra Mountains to the brilliant flowers in Donovaly, from the hot spring palace of the VAH River bank to the sunset of the Danube River in Bratislava, Slovakia is filled with a kind of simple and lovely taste all the time.

As the core distributor of INVT in Slovakia, our partner mainly promote INVT products in the field of water supply, and the star products mainly include GD10, GD20 and GD200A. In the past three years, the customized water supply software provided by INVT has also helped customers to further expand and strengthen the water supply market and reach strong strategic cooperation with the top three local water pump companies. Slovakia partner currently have more than 5000 customers with very high satisfaction in the local area.

INVT has specially customized excellent software logic functions for our partner, including flow control, special PID constant pressure water supply, water filtering treatment and function timer, sleep, constant pressure water supply automatic test, water filtering monitoring, pump dry test, automatic energy saving, water pump cleaning, special key combination function, IO monitoring, etc.

GD10, GD20, GD200A series frequency drives with high quality, high performance, high reliability and economy are close to the needs of life, the operation is simple, the user experience effect is excellent, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, which can save 30-80% of energy, and the investment return rate of end customers is high.

Customized multi-scene applications

In the system of constant pressure water supply for residential houses, golf courses and agriculture and forestry irrigation, INVT GD200A series inverter adopts special software logic to control the water pump.

In the public and private water supply, such as apartment building, house, garden, swimming pool, heat pump and other application scenarios, we use GD10, GD20, GD200A series inverter, combined with special software logic, to achieve accurate control of water pump.

In Slovakia, the distribution of residential buildings is not concentrated and Slovakia has very available groundwater resources Slovakia, so the scheme of small-scale water supply matching for family type is very advantageous. According to the local conditions, Slovakia partner complete the design and implementation of system schemes from inverter to water pump, to pressure vessel and pressure control valve, water level and water pressure sensor. Lower input costs for the pressure vessel, a significantly smaller pressure vessel 8-24L (without inverter pump control vessel volume must be above 100L) is sufficient compared to controlling the pump with a pressure switch. Longer service life of the rubber bag of the pressure vessel (due to the constant pressure, there is no periodic expansion and compression of the bag, even when the vessel is not regularly inflated)

If there is a high protection demand, Slovakia partner will provide heat dissipation data of inverter and provide high protection scheme. As shown in the figure below, the scheme of high protection control cabinet provided to customers outdoors.

The inverters provide full protection of the electric motors, which is much more effective than protection with motor starters. The inverters also protect the pumps against dry running, they have the option of connecting level probes and a ball valve with a drive for automatic filter rinsing.

INVT star products

1.GD20 Customized application
Inverters can be customized according to specific customer requirements, such as default parameters of relevant functions of inverter. GD20 series economical universal inverter has compact structure, simple debugging and no need to set parameters. After the system wiring is completed, the inverter can be connected with the whole water supply equipment seamlessly.

2.Mini type inverter GD10
INVT GD10 is a mini inverter, which adopts customized special logic function to provide users with extremely comfortable experience. The constant pressure control in the system can prevent the fluctuation of flow and water temperature, and the experience is excellent. Constant water pressure in the system without fluctuations even when the amount of water taken changes. After stabilization of the consumption, it is possible to achieve an accuracy of up to ± 0.01 bar, which represents at the required pressure 3.5bar control accuracy in the range from 3.49 to 3.51bar.

3.Open loop vector control inverter GD200A
In high-rise buildings, residential areas, enterprises and institutions, the power of water pump is relatively large. INVT GD200A series high-performance open-loop vector inverter support G/P dual ratings and simple water supply function. The maximum can support controlling three pumps by one inverter. The standard product power covers 0.75 ~ 500kW, and the maximum power of parallel solution can reach 3000kW. INVT low voltage inverter can cascade multiple pumps with contactors.

Other features:
• Slow start and deceleration of the pump will significantly reduce resp. completely removes sandblasting of the well (significantly extends the life of the pump and well)
• Quiet operation of the pump without pressure shocks when the pump is switched on and off
• Possibility of connecting a level probe for measuring the height of the water level in the well with the display of the inverter (possibility of automatic reduction of the pump power when the water drops in the well, alarm ...)
• Inverters provide full protection of the electric motors of the pumps (no motor starter required)
• Protection against dry running, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase failure and more than 20 other types of protection
• When the water in the well is depleted, the pump stops and starts again automatically when the water level in the well rises or after the set time has elapsed
• Detection of pipe rupture, damage to the pump blades with subsequent blocking of the pump operation
• Protection against damage to the sensor or damage to the sensor wires
• Possibility of automatic pressure change by the irrigation control unit during irrigation to other preset pressures (up to 16 different pressures) than the pressure used during normal operation (no use of pressure reducing valves)
• Simple and fast change of pressure in the system, regulation range from 0 to 10bar, the required pressure is simply selected on the control panel (over 10bar consult your dealer)
• The inverter automatically regulates the pump speed depending on the amount of water taken and when the water draw is completed, the inverter enters sleep mode 163/5000
• The inverter wakes up from sleep mode when the pressure drops 0.25 bar below the set point
• The basic equipment of the inverter includes a motor hour meter and an electricity meter with the possibility of resetting the counter by the user (allows monitoring of operating costs and service intervals)
• Possibility of connecting an external control panel with display of various parameters (current pressure, current, pump power, operating hours, electricity consumption, ..) with the possibility of placing at any distance from the inverter
• Possibility of connecting a ball valve for automatic filter cleaning in selected intervals of 0.1-3600 hours, depending on the time or running time of the pump (operating hours)
• Accurate calibrated pressure sensor in stainless steel design with 5m shielded cable ensures long equipment life and precise pump control
• Fault detection with display of alphanumeric characters on the display with the possibility of external signaling
• Possibility to connect pump operation signaling (LED, bulb, GSM, sound signaling ...)
• Possibility of connection to a computer, display of status and physical quantities on a computer, control of the pump via a local computer, resp. remotely over the internet

INVT laboratory has passed the certification of CNAS National Laboratory and UL witness laboratory. It is also one of the manufacturers that have obtained the act laboratory qualification issued by TUV SUD in China industrial control industry. The high standard and high-quality production and testing links ensure the quality of INVT's products. The failure rate feedback from the market is extremely low, reaching the excellent level of the industry.

Overseas distributors and end customers praise the quality, reliability, pre-sale customized service and after-sales technical problem service of INVT products. Customers’ satisfaction is the driving force of INVT. INVT will continue to adhere to the "market-oriented, customer-centered" business policy, to provide customers with the best solution to achieve win-win situation.

Slovakia partner: We have been working with INVT since 2012, and we are very fond of our cooperation. INVT products are of exceptionally reliable quality and can withstand full comparison to the world's most inverter famous brands. We have developed our very own algorithm of regulation for controlling pumps with constant pressure, with functionality that even our most strong competition does not currently have. Top-notch INVT software engineers have masterfully implemented our pump control algorithms, thanks to which we have created new, unique products. Proudly, we can definitely say that INVT inverters offer the best quality to price ratio in the world.

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