Screw Air Compressor Case in Israel - INVT GD300-01 Series Drive

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Abstract: This paper introduces the feature of screw air compressor, INVT GD300-01 series special inverter for compressor, and the successful application in Israel.

Key words: screw air compressor, GD300-01, PID, constant pressure


A rotary-screw compressor is a type of gas compressor which is based on a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism. It is commonly used to replace piston compressors in either large industrial applications or high-power air tools where large volume of high-pressure air is needed. The traditional pressure control method is loading or unloading, which causes pressure fluctuation, energy waste. The use of frequency inverter for constant pressure control is the current mainstream.

Fig.1 Working process of screw air compressor

2.System requirements

The Israeli air compressor factory has more than three decades of experience in the design and production of air compressors.Their technical requirements are as follows:

(1) Built-in PID function:

1) Preset a pressure value on HMI so that the inverter automatically can adjust the speed according to the feedback pressure to make the pressure constant.

2) No controller needed.

(2) Valve control:

If measured pressure<setting pressure(8.5bar), the inlet valve opens;

If measured pressure≥9 bar, the inlet valve closes;

(3) Sleep mode:

If the inlet valve is closed, set pressure(8.5bar)≤measured pressure<9 bar.After 120 seconds delay time, inverter sleep.

(4) Cooling fan control:

Be able to measure the temperature of compressor, if temperature ≥80℃, start the cooling fan, if temperature <75℃, stop the cooling fan.

(5) Over pressure protection:

≥10 bar, display alarm on HMI, continue to work

≥10.5 bar, display alarm on HMI, shut down

(6) Over heat protection:

≥98℃, display alarm on HMI, then continue to work.

≥105℃, display alarm on HMI, then shut down.

(7) Maintenance time alarm:

Be able to set maintenance time, alarm when it is reached

(8) Other protection:

Pressure sensor disconnected alarm, temperature sonsor disconnected alarm, Emergency stop etc.

(9) GD300-01 series inverter + HMI meets all the requirements of customer.

3.System scheme

Fig.2 System diagram

Supplied list:

InverterGD300-01-037G-4Special inverter for compressor, integrated compressor control logic.
Standard power range is from 4kW to 315kW
HMIVT seriesControlling and monitoring interface, different sizes are available
Pressure sensor4~20mA, 24VHessman type, for air pressure measurement
Temperature sensorPT100For compressor temperature measurement
24V power supply24V, 1APower supply for HMI

4.Parameters setting

P00.001.Vector control
2.V/f control
P00.01Modbus control2
P00.06PID reference7
P00.11ACC time10
P00.12DEC time10
P02.00Motor type00:Asynchronous motor
1:Synchronous motor
P02.01Rated power of motorkWAccording to motor nameplate
P02.02Rated frequency of motorHzAccording to motor nameplate
P02.03Rated speed of motorrpmAccording to motor nameplate
P02.04Rated voltage of motorVAccording to motor nameplate
P02.05Rated current of motorAAccording to motor nameplate
P05.01S1 Emergency stop9
P05.10S1 Normally closed10:  normally open
1: normally closed
P05.32Lower limit of AI1 (pressure sensor)2V4~20mA correspond to 2~10V
P06.03Valve control relay27RO1
P06.04Fan control relay28RO1
P09.00PID reference selection10Pressure reference from HMI
P09.02PID feedback selection8Pressure feedback to AI1
P09.04Kp of PID20
P09.05Ti of PID2
P09.06Td of PID2
P09.09PID output upper limit100%100% correspond to 50Hz
P09.10PID output lower limit60%60% correspond to 30Hz
P18.00Compressor mode enabled10: disabled
1: enabled
P18.01Sleep mode enabled10: disabled
1: enabled
P18.02Load/unload mode00: Automatic open/close the valve
1:Manual control the valve
P18.03Temperature signal10: from analog input AI2
1: directly from PT100
P18.05Valve close pressure0.9 Mpa
P18.06Valve open pressure0.85 Mpa
P18.07Setting pressure0.85 Mpa
P18.08Fan start temperature80 ℃
P18.09Fan stop temperature75℃
P18.11Lower limit frequency of valve open30Hz
P18.12Running frequency of valve closed30Hz
P18.13Sleep delay time120 sec
P18.14Stop delay time15 sec
P18.15Valve open delay  time1 sec
P18.16Restart delay time15 sec
P18.17Alarm pressure1MpaDisplay alarm on HMI, continue to work
P18.18Shut down pressure1.05MpaDisplay alarm on HMI, shut down
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