GD300-01A Series Air Compressor Drives

GD300-01A series inverter for air compressor is designed based on the application features of air compressor industry. It features compact structure, powerful function and excellent control of sync/asynchronous air compressor.
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1. Industrial-function integration

* All logic control and protection mechanisms are impletented through the cooperation between the touch screenand inverter, without the use of the PLC. The system is more simple and highly integrated.

2. Improved function and performance design

* Built-in DC reactor:

DC reactors can be built in the models of 7.5KW–110KW. This reduces installation space and improves the inverter input power factor, which can reach 0.9 or higher.

* Integration with special terminals:

The inverter provides two temperature input terminals and two pressure input terminals. Temperature and pressure signals can be connected without the use of transmitter.
The application is more simple and easy.

* Optimized 24V power output:

The built-in 24V power supply reaches 24W, which meets the powering requirements by optionals such as the touch screen,oT adaptor, and power consumption detection (PCD) module. No other 24V power module is needed.

* Improved terminal design:
- The improved terminal design implements terminal layout according to user wiring preference. This makes wiring more aligned and easy.
- The use of pluggable terminals improves wiring efficiency.

3. Powerful extension ability

* The cooperation with the IoT communication adaptor implements the IoT solution special for air compressors.

* It implements data interchange and remote control for air compressors, and facilitates management and maintenance.

4. Enhanced protection functions

* More than 30 protection functions include OC protection (OCP) OV protection (OVP), UV protection (UVP), and OT protection(OTP).
Especially, the phase sequence detection (PSD), hardware phase loss detection (HPLD), and fan current imbalance protection (FCIP) ensures the proper running of the air compressor.

* The all-in-one (AIO) solution is applicable to GD300-01A 7.5kW–15kW models. In this solution the inverter is embedded with the air compressor fan contactor and transformer modules.

* The fan contactor module supports power frequency output. No more accessories such as the contactor are needed. The application is easier.

* The built-in power frequency transformer of AC220V/110V powers the solenoid valve of the air compressor. No more power-frequency transformer is needed.

GD300-01A drive

GD300-01A Catalog(EN)

GD300-01A Series VFD Manual(Korean)

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