GD300-21 Air Compressor Dual Frequency Conversion Machine

INVT control system for air compressor dual-inverter integrated machine is the flagship product of INVT. It can realize dual inverter integrated control of the air compressor. This system solution is a perfect substitute for air compressor electrical cabinet but added with various additional powerful functions.
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● High integration
Integrated with the master frequency conversion, fan frequency conversion, power module, power frequency transformer and controller to drive and manage air compressor and twin-screw air compressor;

● High power density
Small size which is 45% less than its counterparts (22kW)

● Easy to use
Simple wiring which saves 80% time compared to the traditional electrical cabinet wiring. The touch screen supports configuration via one key, removing the need of setting parameters;

● Convenient maintenance
Independent air duct, the front of the fan can be maintained, pluggable user terminal design;

● Strong extendibility
Extend power consumption detection component, contactor component, remote data collection terminal, water drop-proof top cover and ground installation pedestal;

● Dedicated functions
Sleep and wake-up function, constant voltage control, constant temp control, part maintenance and phase sequence detection;

● Multi-specification power output
Provide 24Vdc/1A, 220Vac/110Vac power externally, used to power up the touch screen, remote data terminal, power module, solenoid valve and contactor.

GD300-21 Series VFD Manual

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