Paper Making Machine Case – INVT GD800 Series VFD

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Abstract: With the current global development trend, paper making industry began to pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection issues. In the paper making industry fields, the process technology requirement is very high. For example, the product line needs to keep working 7*24 hours, and never stop running except maintenance. To meet this requirement, we should make sure the driving system is able to work stable and continuously. This article will introduce INVT 4-quadrant multi-drive inverter GD800 series which is used in paper making machine.

Key Words: GD800, multi-drive, 4 quadrant, paper industry.

1. Introduction

In some paper making factories, the product line still adopts DC motors. The feedback from end-uses shows us following DC motor disadvantages:

(1) Difficult maintenance

(2) Poor reliability

(3) With carbon brush

(4) High production costs

Advantages of AC motor:

(1) Simple structure

(2) Low cost

(3) High stability

(4) Speed control of high precision

In the current paper industry, the new product line adopts AC inductor motor. With development of ac drives, the working efficiency and performance get better and better.

2. Solution for paper making machine

Figure 1: process of paper making machine

It includes 2 parts, wet end and dry part. INVT GD800 multi-drive solution is suitable for this kind product line. Rectifier supplies DC bus power and transfers regenerative power back to AC grid. Every inverter unit drives the respective inductor motor. All rectifier and inverter unit communicate with DCS system by Profibus.DP protocol, and also adopt Ethernet protocol for monitoring entire system.

3. INVT GD800 driving system

GD800 series products are developed for sophisticated application market which needs high overload capacity, high reliability and continuous operations. Its rated current is especially designed for various heavy-load application.

The following is GD800 characteristic

(1) Modular Design, Complete & Compact

(2) Support 2 quadrant / 4 quadrant

(3) Wide power range

(4) STO,SS1,SLS,SBC safety protection function

(5) DC side fuse protection

(6) Motor temperature detection

(7) Double circuit power supply for control source, external power supply

(8) Save Installation and maintenance cost

(9) Flexible system configuration, optical fiber communication, long distance communication

(10) Powerful communications: Modbus/ Profibus/ CAN / EtherNet / Device Net

(11) Multiple protections: Over voltage/ Over current/ Over heat

Figure 2: GD800 Series

4.GD800 drive and paper making machine in customer site


Relying on the excellent performance of GD800 multi-driving system for paper making machine, the customers reduced the maintenance cost, and the paper product quality is better and smooth. Checked by the tachometer, the speed runs stable, and the electricity cost reduced after adopting 4-quandrant GD800 drive.


[1] Operation manual of Goodrive800 of Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd

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