INVT GD5000 MV Drive for Paper Pulp Turbo Blower in Indonesia

Release time:2020-06-24
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Abstract: This paper has introduced the feature of paper pulp dewatering turbo blower, INVT GD5000 series MVD, and the application on turbo blower in Indonesia.

Keywords: paper pulp, GD5000, MV Drives, dewatering turbo blower


The vacuum system is one of the most important parts of the paper making machine. The main function is to dewater the paper pulp. In the past, water ring vacuum pumps were usually used, which were driven by a constant speed motor. Vacuum systems using turbo blower are becoming more widespread. Turbo blower have no frictional losses and save water. Depending on the weight, speed and material composition of the type of paper to be produced, paper machines require different volumes of air and vacuum levels for optimum, cost-effective dewatering.

Using a frequency inverter to drive a turbo blower can effectively reduce energy consumption.

Fig.1 Paper making process

2.Project introduction

A large paper mill in Indonesia, the medium voltage motor of turbo blower was started with water resistor before. The production line is upgraded, and use medium voltage inverter to drive the turbo blower.

Motor information:

System configuration:

System diagram:

Fig. System main circuit

Fig. Rotor winding motor transformation

It is a rotor winding motor, to use a frequency drive to control, it needs to remove the brush and slip rings, short circuit the rotor windings.

The MV inverter is remote control by DCS, output current and frequency feedback to DCS via analog signals.


1)Smooth startup, reduce impact on motor and machinery, and extend equipment life.
2)Power unit series multilevel topology, ensure low harmonic and high power factor, THDi≤2%, power factor ≥0.97.
3)Various interface, digital input/output, analogs, communications, easily control and monitor by DCS.
4)Adjust fan speed according to demand, save energy consumption.
5)Modular design for easy maintenance.

4.Field site photos

Fig.2 GD5000 MV drives

Fig.3 MV motor

Fig.4 Turbo blower

Fig.5 Paper production line

Fig.6 Output voltage waveform

Fig.7 Output current waveform


After using the GD5000 MV drives, the air volume and vacuum level can be adjusted accurately according to production demand, and energy saving rate up to 20%. With excellent product performance and reliable product quality, GD5000 series MV drives have been successfully applied in paper making production, equipment like turbo blower, pulper, and pump etc.


[1] Shenzhen Invt Electric Co., Ltd. < Goodrive5000 Series High-voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control System Manual. >


INVT Medium voltage VFD in paper industry project reference:

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