INVT GD5000 MV Drive for Cement Line Exhaust Fan Motor 40% Energy Saving

Release time:2020-04-04
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Summary:In this paper,through introducing INVT GD5000 medium voltage inverter applied to exhaust fan in the cement factory in Myanmar, to illustrate VFD transformation of the feasibility and many advantages after using MV inverter especially the significant energy saving.

Keyword:GD5000 MV inverter, exhaust fan, Energy saving

1. Introduction

The exhaust fan is an important device in the process of the cement. In traditional ways, the cement factory use valve to adjust flow and pressure, there is a lot of energy loses during this process. There is also serious abrasion of valve by this way.

As the development of inverter technology, many cement factory customers realize that using inverter to drive fan is much better than original ways.

2.Project Analysis

Dragon cement factory is very big and famous factory in Myanmar. The average production of cement capacity is about 2000 tons/day.

Detailed motor parameters are list as follow:

Table 1 Motor Parameters

On-site pictures

Figure 1, the dragon cement factory

Figure 2, the motor nameplate

Figure 3, Motor and exhaust fan

3. System Configuration

According to the customer requirement, we choose the GD5000 series medium voltage drive, produced by Shenzhen INVT Electric CO., LTD.

The MV inverter model is GD5000-A0560-6-S.Below table is the details of MV inverter parameters:

Table 2, MV inverter Parameters

Below figure is about inverter system diagram:

Figure 4, System diagram of the inverter

On-site pictures:

Figure 5, Dust exhaust system

Figure 6, GD5000 MV inverter

Figure 7, HMI display screen

4. Application and Advantage

After using frequency drive, there are some advantages as follow,

1) Increase the lifetime of motor. MV inverters have many protections for motor, such as overvoltage/overcurrent/overheat and other faults, they can protect motor well.

2) Without harmonic pollution to the motor and efficiently drop the heat of the motor.

3) Reduce the loss of shutdown maintenance and save plenty of maintenance costs.

4) Significant energy saving: Based on the running data, there is about 40% energy saving ratio by roughly calculating.


From the HMI display screen MV inverter running frequency is 30Hz, and output current is 35A

5. Conclusion

After using INVT GD5000 series MV inverters to drive fan, these inverter can meet with the customer requirement, which can automatic control by DCS system. There is also significant energy saving, it can make the customer fast get their investment back on transforming this system. Good operation of the inverter, obtained the customer widely recognized.


[1] GD5000 Series High-voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control System Manual. Shenzhen Invt Electric CO., LTD.

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