INVT EC-PI Parallel Control Board Used for Elevator in India

Release time:2020-03-31
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Abstract: With the continuous progress of society, and the continuous improvement of people'sliving standard, elevator is used more and more widely. In last 20 years the parallel control system is very popular all over the world, and the elevator company prefer to the parallel system than others control mode. Because it is easy for the technicians to understand and maintain the elevator. In the low building ( less 4 floor ) parallel control system can save more costand can support 7 segment code display board without the communication protocol. Now INVT develop EC-PI parallel control board, and matching with EC160 intelligent integrated controller can realize the parallel control system.

Keywords: Elevator, Parallel control system, EC-PI, EC-160

I. Introduction

When most ofthe building is less 4 floors in India, many elevator companies will choose the parallel control system. It is convenient and easy for the technician to install and wiring and can save more cost. Due to the advantage of the convenience and easy-using, so the parallel control system is still popular in many countries.

EC-PI board matches with EC160 intelligent integrated controller and can realize the parallel control system. EC-PI has 35 channels input and 16 channels output and can support the max floor is 16th.

II. Basic information of Group control Board MC-GCL

1. Product appearance

2. The feature of EC-PI parallel control board:

a.Match with EC160 integrated controller to realize parallel control;

b.Digital low voltage input: 35 channels;

c.Digita loutput: 16 channels;

d.The highest floor: 16 th floor;

e.Display mode: Seven-segment code; Gray code; Binary code;

III. Parallel control system solution forelevator

1. Lift information

Project NameLalitha a Jewellery
Control systemEC160 Integrated Controller
Lift speed1m/s
Capacity10 persons, 760kg
Floor5 floors
Power supply3 phase 380V
Motor typeSynchronous motor
Total number5 units


· EC-PI board can realize parallel control mode

· Easy installation, wiring and debugging

· Save more cost (less 4 floor)

· Support 7-segment code display board from many display boardbrand

Ⅳ. Conclusion

In many countries the elevator companies still preferto the parallel control systems, so EC-PI parallel control board solution aremore and more popular in the global market.

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