DM-04A Remote Monitor System Case in Indonesia

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With the modern technology development, more advantage technologies apply to the elevator control system, like Elevator Remote Monitor system. The maintainer can monitor the elevator running state in the data centre room by PC. When some passengers are trapped in the elevator, the maintainer can check the problem what happen in. And it can save more time to rescue the passengers.

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I. Introduction

In modern life the elevator becomes important part of vertical transportation, the elevator is used anywhere and billion of passengers will take the elevator every day. But in recent year many news reported the elevator accident and make passenger scared. Most of the accident is caused by individual factor, such as the reason of negligence by the maintainer, lack of professional rescue skill, and passengers lose the patience to do dangerous action. Elevator remote system can check the error and provide the professional rescue skill to the maintainer on the site and save more time to solve the problem and successfully rescue passengers when some passengers are trapped in the elevator.

INVT DM-04A GPRS wireless monitor module is a newest monitor device for elevator control system. DM-04A install SIM card and connect to the Internet and transmit the data to the server. DM-04A communicates with elevator controller by RS485. No matter how far on the global world, only make sure DM-04A connects the Internet, PC can monitor the elevator state in real time.

II. Basic information of INVT DM-04A

Product appearance

2. The main functions of INVT DM-04A are as follows:

•    Monitor elevator running in real time.

•    Monitor many elevators running state at the same time.

•    Record the error and download the fault record.

•    Online debug the elevator.

•    Send the message to the maintainer when the elevator has error.

III. INVT DM-04A Remote monitor system solution for elevator

1. DM-04A wiring diagram

DM-04A wiring diagram

2. Solution

a) Configuration

1DM-04ARemote monitor module1
2EC100/EC160Elevator controller1
4SIM cardSIM Card with the Internet1

b) Situation

3. DM-04A debugging

Prepare for a piece of DM-04A , a SIM card and PC.

The process of debugging DM-04A is in accordance with the below instructions.

•  Install SIM card and burn the APN program (Depend on SIM card).

•  Following the diagram and finish the wiring.

•  Power on

•  Watch LED until display “Pd”

•  Visit the website : and log in

•  Click to “Monitor” and check the elevator running state

IV. Conclusion

More and more elevator companies will pay more attention on the remote monitor system, because monitor system can efficiently help the company to manage the elevator, and solve the problem in time to reduce the accident. DM-04A with the advance technology will be popular on the global world in the elevator monitor system.

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