Application of High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Regulating System in Desulphurization Fan

Release time:2020-04-04
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Project overview

The induced draft fan of desulfurization system in the new project of a zinc smelting enterprise in Yunnan is driven by a 6kV / 800kW high-voltage motor, the load has a very important role in the process, once the problem occurs, it will cause environmental pollution, due to the numerous dust on site, So the stability requirements to the inverter are higher, in the operation process, the wind pressure is needed to be adjusted in real time according to the working conditions. Taking the energy saving, stability and other factors into account, the company finally selects our company’s inverter for the project construction.

Schematic plan

Benefit analysis

Fan conduct electrodeless adjustment to rotational speed according to the on-site process to avoid energy waste;

Achieve soft start, without impact on the power grid;

High reliability of the inverter to meet the requirements of on-site process and ensure continuous production;

Easy system maintenance, long maintenance cycle;

High degree of system automation, while power factor can up to 0.95 or so.

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