INVT GD800 Solutions for Rolling Mills

Release time:2023-04-07
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1.Project Background

In the development of the steel industry, efficient rolling processes and technologies are the main way of steel forming in this industry, so rolling mills have developed considerably. Steel rolling mill is a machine that rolls steel parts between rotating rolls and generally consists of two major parts: the main equipment (main machine) and the auxiliary equipment (auxiliary machine). The rolling method is used to produce steel, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, wide variety and easy automation.


2. Customer Demand

The current trend in the development of steel rolling mills is continuous, automated and specialized. However, the customer's rolling mill has problems of low product quality and high consumption, and the production process is not continuous due to failure problems. Therefore, the customer expects to transform the rolling mill into a domestic drive system and replace the equipment with new equipment while retaining the original rectification system, in order to improve product quality and economic efficiency.


3. INVT’s solution

According to the customer's requirements and the process of the rolling mill, combined with the product features of the GD800-56:

  • Be able to apply to a wide range of applications such as high overload capacity, high reliability and continuous operation.

  • Offers better immunity to interference and flexible deployment.

  • Uses a common DC bus system for maximum power efficiency and motor feedback energy can be utilized.

  • GD800 multi-drive series can be seamlessly replaced with the customer's original inverter unit and linked with the customer's original TSU rectifier unit, each inverter unit and motor form a set of drive system to achieve the purpose of common bus operation, which satisfy the customer's common bus requirements.

  • DC power supply from IGBTPWM rectifier, silicon controlled rectifier or diode rectifier,DC power supply from IGBTPWM rectifier, silicon controlled rectifier or diode rectifier, each inverter unit and motor form a set of drive system to achieve common bus operation, which can easily and flexibly realize the customer's common bus demand, providing the customer with a common bus multi-drive solution. 


INVT provides customers with the solution of rectifier + DC bus + inverter multi-drive control mode, using GD800-56 inverter cabinet, the control core is INVT's self-researched ICU control unit, the solution has the advantages of cost reduction and efficiency increase and low failure rate.


System diagram of the solution

4. Customer benefits

  • Increased production capacity: avoidance of downtime problems and increased automation, continuous and high-speed production processes;

  • Reduced failure rate: the GD800-56 has high overload capacity and high reliability.

  • Cost reduction: 20% cost savings due to reduced difficulty in upfront procurement and post maintenance


5. Field applications



6. Summary

INVT's reliable rolling mill solutions help customers' facilities run faster and more efficiently. INVENTEC has been working in the steel industry for more than 10 years, and is committed to building electrical drive solutions for the whole steel process. With strong technology and excellent equipment, we help steel companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, and develop green and low carbon.

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