The Application of INVT GD300-69 Drives in the Construction Elevator

Release time:2020-03-07
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1. Preface

Construction hoist is the essential device in a modern high-rise building construction, the traditional construction elevator generally uses the contactor - relay control, direct start and mechanical brake forced braking, and the large brake impact has greatly affected the service life of mechanical structure. In terms of construction machinery exhibition in recent years, variable frequency construction ladder has occupied larger proportion and become the inevitable trend of development.

INVT follows the development of times and studies the construction mechanical industry, push forward GD300-69 elevator/tower crane special drive, this paper is the on-site application of INVT GD300-69 in a Shandong large-scale machine customer.

2. On-site device situation

The application is a Shangdong Construction Machinery

Company, on-site construction elevator drive mechanism is 2 motor worm gear drive system.

Motor : 2 sets Dongqiang motors YZZ132M-4, each rated power is 11KW, 2 polars , rated current 29A, rated voltage 380V, frequency 60HZ, rotational speed 1668 r/m.

Reducer : 2 sets Shandong Jiuhong reducer, each rated power is 11KW, reduction ratio of 16:1, turbo – worm type.

Brake: 2 Dongqiang DC brakes, rated voltage 195Vdc, current 0.84A, insulation F grade, braking torque 120.

Customer demand: fast start, short glissade distance stop, simple debugging, with the default phase protection and disconnection protection and other functions.

On-site picture:

Transmission mechanism

Motor plate

The whole device

3. System debugging

3.1 Device wiring

Complete the wiring according to the following figure inverter terminal input and output signal combined with relay-contactor circular, the brake detection function is chosen by user. Brake output relay serious into the original brake control circuit.

Wiring figure of device

3.2 Inverter debugging

Debugging is mainly divided into the following steps:

1.Set P00.18=1 the factory reset value, set the motor parameters, set the elevator applications macro P24.00=1 ;

2.Calibration of weighing function;

3.Light load and pilot running;

4.Conduct overload and safety test.

The whole debugging process is simple, high efficient, and fully meet customer demand for debugging.

3.3 Debugging efficiency

Load 1T, second gear 50HZ start, running and shut down complete waveform

From the current waveform, we can clearly see that the inverter starts quickly, the current impact is small, short downtimes, small current fluctuation in stable operation.

4. Characteristics of INVT GD300-69 construction machinery special inverter

1 ) independent duct design

As for the complex environment of high vibration, high temperature, high humidity, cement containing and other corrosive dust in the equipment application on-site, independent duct and board three anti-design are used to effectively prevent the pollutants into the electronic device area, comprehensively enhance the moisture, dust, corrosion resistance, reduce product failure, extend the service life.

2 ) DC Fan

As for the site voltage fluctuations, a full range of products use DC fan, the operating state does not change with the power grid voltage, even if the ultra-low power grid voltage, heat is still not discount.

2) Overload protection

Built-in overload protection function can meet the application requirements of elevator overload protection, saving the cost, simplify the line, easy maintenance.

3) Quick brake

18.5-75KW inverter comes with a built-in braking modules, simplifying the system configuration with smaller volume, lower cost to the customer.

4) light load and upgrading speed

When the load is light, the running speed is increased and the working efficiency of equipment is greatly improved.

5) Simple debugging

Standard extension LED keyboard supports parameter upload and download; tower crane lifting and construction elevator application are set by a key, simply adjusting can meet the application requirements and simplify the debugging process.

6) Dedicated brake control logic

In view of the characteristics of construction crane, reasonable start and stop of the variable speed drive and timing control of brake control device, efficient and safe operation of protection equipment.

7) Zero detection

After the inverter stops, the operating lever needs to return to the center position and exceed the set time to allow restart, preventing the safety accident caused by misuse of workers.

8) Torque validation

Before you release the brakes and start raising drive, verify that the motor can generate enough torque, achieve zero - speed brake and loose control, reducing wear of brakes to avoid mining car sliding.

5. Conclusion

Verified by the site test, INVT GD300-69 elevator has no impact and decline phenomena while start and stop, runnign smooth without shaking. Dedicated macro parameters are set specifically for the construction elevator to achieve the set of a key parameters, parameter adjustment procedure is greatly simplified.

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