GD380L Elevator AC Drive

Goodrive380L series elevator dedicated VFD is developed by using the new INVT control platform. It adopts advanced frequency conversion vector control technology, and has made modular and customizable innovations on the basis of traditional frequency converters to meet complex individual needs. INVT integrates many years of industry experience and equips it with various motors and encoders, so that it can be widely used in freight elevators, passenger elevators and other fields. Powerful configuration and performance enable it to meet more precise usage requirements and provide more competitive solutions.
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•Ability to drive asynchronous (Geared )and synchronous (Gearless) motors

•Support open loop control mode without encoder and closed loop control mode with encoder.

•Static identification on the initial pole angle of a synchronous motor

•Support multiple type of encoder: incremental, sine-cosine, endat

•ACC/DEC S-Curve Algorithm: Improve comfort during ACC, DEC and stop.

•Starting weight compensation with and without weight sensor. Prevent reverse slip at startup, ensure stable lift startup.

•Emergency-rescue mode & search the direction in light load.

•In-Built LCD keypad interface.

•Removable terminal board.





GD380L Folders(EN)

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