GD20-LA Series General Purpose Vector Control VFD

GD20-LA series is a micro type general vector inverter, specifically designed as a high performance 3-phase 220Vac VFD used in the small power market,using the leading international vector control algorithm with excellent product features.
GD20-LA series is compatible with wall and rail installation by utilizing a smaller,compact,efficient design. GD20-LA series is widely used in textile machinery, food machinery,printing/packaging,fans and pumps, ceramic equipment,wood working equipment,conveying equipment,etc.
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◆Optional STO function by purchasing GD20-EU control boards
◆V/F (SVPWM)and Sensorless Vector (SVC)
◆Asynchronous AC induction motors
◆Advanced PID functions
◆Mini design for smaller installation space and parallel/side-by-side installations
◆High performance LED keypad with digital potentiometer
◆External LED keypad and bracket kit optional
◆Overload capability 200% 1s,180% 10s,150% 60s
◆Multiple installation modes: Wall ,rail and flange mounting
◆Embedded braking transistors
◆Removable cooling fan for easy maintenance
◆Multiple braking modes
◆Continuous running in instant power loss
◆Modbus RTU/RS485 buit in (standard)
◆Simple PLC supporting multiple run modes
◆Multiple V/F curve settings
◆Motor auto-tuning modes
◆≥11kW standard built-in DC reactors


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GD20-LA VFD Quick Start Guide

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