GD20-UL Series Mini Vector Drives

GD20-UL series mini type general vector inverter, positioned as using the high performance mini product of small power market; product using the leading international vector control algorithm, with excellent product features, compatible with wall and rail installation, and the product volume is smaller. Product widely used in Textile machinery, Food machinery, Plastic machinery, Printing and packaging, Environmental protection equipment, Ceramic equipment, Woodworking equipment, Conveying equipment and so on industries.
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New Structure Design
1.Mini design, smaller installation space
2.Available multi-inverter in parallel installation more effective space-saving

Easy Maintenance
1.External keypad
The standard keypad is membrane keypad. Support external LED keypad. The LED keypad support parameter copy.
2.Plug cooling fan, easy maintenance

Reliable QA
1.The product design strictly follows IEC international standards and passed CE and UL certification
2.Advanced thermal technology makes exact thermal design

Product Advantage
Mini structure
Easy maintenance
Various installation ways
Excellent performance
Multi-function and easy to use

GD20-UL drive

GD20-UL&GD310-UL Catalog(EN)

GD20-UL Series VFD Manual

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