GD100-PV Series Solar Water Pump VFD

GD100-PV series solar vfd drives are that INVT newly launches specially for solar pumping applications. Based on the original solar pump vfd products, which optimizes the usability and performance, and extends applicable voltage levels and power range of the product. The voltage level can be applied to single phase/three phase 220V, three phase 380V pumps, power range from 0.4kW to 110kW.
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● Comprehensive voltage level and power range
Support single phase/three phase 220V, and three phase 380V solar water pump VFD, power from 0.4kW to 110KW

● Easy to use
Simply connect the photovoltaic panel to the VFD, no need to set any parameters, and the PV pump can be automatically started after power-on

● Multiple protection measures
It has protection functions such as PV over-voltage protection, PV polarity reverse connection alarm, over-temperature automatic derating, etc., which can effectively extend the life of the product

● Advanced MPPT algorithm
Ensure solar power tracking efficiency can reach 99%

● Boost module
2.2KW and below models can be equipped with boost module to meet the needs of low voltage operation, which can reduce solar panel configuration and reduce user system cost

● GPRS remote monitoring
Supports optional GPRS module, which can realize remote monitoring function of computer webpage and mobile APP

● AC/DC switching scheme
All series of products can realize automatic switching of PV DC input and grid AC input, which can meet 24 hours of no care work

● IP54 solution
Supports IP54 grade cabinet solutions

Product Specifications

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GD100-PV Catalog(EN)

GD100-PV Series Solar Pump VFD Manual

GD100-PV Energy Efficiency Certification Report

Boost Module for GD100-PV/GD170-PV Manual

GD100-PV Series Manual (Spanish)

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