INVT GD100-PV Series Inverter used in private park in South Africa

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Abstract:This article mainly presents INVT GD100-PV series inverter used for solar water pump system in private park in South Africa. It introduces the structure, control principle and different solutions. Engineering practice shows that GD100-PV is a flexible and cost-effective solution for water pump system. 

Keywords: INVT, Solar pump, GD100-PV, MPPT, Dual power supply, PV power priority

1. Introduction

Solar pump system uses the inexhaustible solar energy resources, no pollution. This technology has a wide application prospect in remote areas with less water and less electricity.

In this system, pump controller is a critical part which can transfer DC power from PV panels to AC power to drive the various AC motors. The system schematic diagram is as below: 


GD100-PV series pump controller has the following features and advantages:

  • MPPT based controller with dual power source: Solar panel DC power & Grid AC power;

  • Suitable for BLDC, PM motor, single phase motor;

  • Suitable for surface mount and submersible pumps with 3 phase induction motor;

  • All day Run-Stop-Restart management with various self-protection features;

  • Pump control function: water level control, dry run protection, lower sunshine protection;

  • Boost module saving panel cost;

  • Easy to install and commissioning, no need other controller.

2. Project information 

In the private park, there is 3AC 380V grid power, but not stable, there are few hours has power in a day. And there are four pumps, three for and domestic water, one for animal drinking water. 

The details are as below:

SNApplicationMotor ratingPower supply
1Water tank4kW 380VPV + AC 380V
2Booster pump4kW 380VPV + AC 380V
3Water slide   pump11kW 380VAC 380V
4Animal drinking   water pool4kW 380VPV + AC 380V

The water slide is not used frequently, so only give AC power.

The animals drinking water pump is in the wilderness, need high protection degree of the panel, and power supply is with PV panels and AC grid, need unattended operation. 

3. GD100-PV solution

According to the application control requirement and power supply situation, different solution are provided.

SNApplicationMotor ratingPower supplySolution
1Water tank4kW 380VPV + AC 380VGD100-004G-4-PV
2Booster pump4kW 380VPV + AC 380VGD100-004G-4-PV
3Water slide   pump11kW 380VAC 380VGD100-011G-4-PV
4Animal drinking   water pool4kW 380VPV + AC 380VGD100-004G-4-PV

1)System configuration for water tank, booster pump and Animal drinking water pool, 4kW system:


2)GD100-PV control panel and site pictures:



Water slide and control panel


Animal drinking water pump


Water tank pump and booster pump control panel

4. Advantages

The four systems are running very well, meet the animal drinking water and domestic water supply demand. And the systems have below advantages: 

  • MPPT based controller with 99.9% tracking efficiency;

  • Dual power source: PV + AC input, PV power in priority;

  • All day Run-Stop-Restart management with various self-protection features;

  • Pump control function: water level control, dry run protection, lower sunshine protection;

  • Easy to install and commissioning;

5. Conclusion

After commissioning, the system can met the requirement of animal drinking water and domestic water supply, and all the protection functions are operating normally. The customer is very satisfied.

INVT GD100-PV series MPPT based solar pump controller is very easy to install and commissioning and the performance is excellent. It’s worthy to promote.

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