Solar Pump Internet of Things Monitoring System

INVT solar water pump IOT monitoring system is an IOT monitoring, management and analysis system applied in solar water pump industry for remotely managing, servicing and analyzing the device. It can eliminate the difficulties in device management and maintenance caused by remote and isolated installation locations, thus improving working process and efficiency.
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1.Control the start/stop of solarwater pump system remotely via PC, mobile or tablet;

2.Remote monitoring of the device state and running data of solarwater pump system;

3.Inform relevant personnel of the fault type and fault cause viaSMS, mail or system information when fault occurs;

4.Remotely analysisfaults information to help narrow down the problem range and figure outsolutions in advance, saving labor cost;

5.Vivid and clear interface display, enabling users to gain therunning state of solar water pump system in one glimpse.

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