BPD Series High Protection Solar Pump VFD

BPD series solar water-pump VFD adopts the dynamic VI MPPT technology and motor control technology, and is suitable for AC water pumps with prompt response, high efficiency and stable performance.
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1.Support single-phase & 3 phase 220V pump
2.Achieve 99% MPPT efficiency by advanced control algorithms
3.Reduce the cost of PV panel( Up to 8 pieces) with Built-in Boost Module
4.Support GPRS module to achieve remote control by using the APP
5.Protection class IP65 and fanless system design, with convenient installation and free maintenance advantages
6.Integrate multiple protection functions to extend service life, like over-voltage protection, PV polarity reverse warning, auto-derating against over-temperature etc
7.IP65 solar pump inverter

BPD Series Solar Pumping VFD Manual

BPD Energy Efficiency Certification Report

BPD Series Technical Datasheet

BPD (0.75-5.5kW) Leaflets

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