INVT VS Series Network Higher - end Human - Machine Interface

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The VS series HMI has strong performance and many other advantages such as rich display, convenient configuration and large storage capacity.etc. The human-machine interface is easy to operate. It can easily realize human-computer interaction in various fields of industrial automation.


(1) Comprehensive performance and greatly improved user experience

(2) Industrial-grade high-performance Cortex-A8 processor with a frequency up to 600MHz and a significant increase in data processing capability

(3) 256M large capacity FLASH ROM space

(4) 260,000-color LCD panel with resolution up to 1024*600, the picture is more delicate, true color display

(5) Built-in COM port integrates RS232/422/485 communication mode

(6) Support Industrial Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP protocol and free port communication protocol

(7) Support U disk update project and data import and export

(8) Configuration is more convenient, various forms, and shorter time

(9) Built in a large number of rich industry vector gallery

(10) Support custom vector graphics, self-painting

(11) Provide standard common vector frame

(12) Support macro programming, C language script

(13) Special extended features to expand more application scenarios

(14) The computer communicates directly with the PLC via HMI

(15) Support 2 HMIs to communicate with the same PLC at the same time

(16) Support online simulation, the computer can directly connect PLC simulation configuration project

(17) Alarm storage expansion

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