China Intelligent Manufacturing Boosted by INVT Auto-Control in 2019

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As a leading brand in domestic inverter industry, INVT is committed to diversified development in recent years. Currently, it has 16 holding subsidiaries, whose business covers industrial automation, new energy vehicle, network source and rail transit and other fields.

In recent years, it has been continuously developing in the PLC market, and INVT Auto-Control Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2011. It focuses on PLC market, insists on both the stability and innovation of PLC products, brings systematic and detailed solutions for users. As a domestic PLC manufacturer with completely independent intellectual property rights, INVT Auto-Control subsidiary has PLC core technologies, such as PC programming software, instruction system, control algorithm, etc. PLC products have features of high performance, small structure, powerful function and high-cost performance, and they are widely used in textile chemical fiber, machine tools, cable, food and beverage, packaging, steel, construction machinery, air conditioner, elevator, printing, woodworking and other industries.

INVT Auto-Control subsidiary has rapidly developed with the assistance of INVT Group in recent years and the PLC markets which cover all series products of small PLC including IVC1, IVC1L, IVC2L, IVC3 general products and other industry customized PLCs have developed fast as well.

The industrial field has a high demand for product stability, so INVT Auto-Control subsidiary has always put the stability of products in the first place. On industrial sites, unstable or unreliable products can have disastrous consequences. It believes that good products come from design, but stable products must be tested.  INVT PLC products must go through a rigorous testing process, including functional limit testing, environmental testing, electric test compatibility testing, etc., in accordance with an above industry test standards. After completing the routine test, INVT Auto-Control subsidiary sets up the scene simulation environment, simulate the harshest scenario as much as possible, and make the PLC run in this environment for a long time to test the stability of the product. Through a series of strict tests, combined with subsequent market testing, improved optimization, INVT PLC stability is worthy of the name, so as to win the favor of users.

In addition to ensuring the stability of the product, INVT Auto-Control subsidiary also focuses on the technical innovation of PLC products. While the existing products are continuously optimized, they are also actively looking for market segments, continuously developing and innovating, and offering products that meet the needs of users. For example, two new series of general PLC, IVC1S and IVC3, and a number of custom-made special machines to meet the special needs of the industry have been introduced recently. These products have greatly improved in motion control, industrial bus, industrial Internet of things, operation efficiency, and so on.

Ivc3 series PLC mainly focuses on multi-axis positioning control and motion control as a high-performance PLC, and its main module integrated 8-channel 200kHz high-speed count, 8-axis 200kHz high-speed pulse output, with linear interpolation, arc interpolation, electronic gear, electronic cam and other functions, while integrating Ethernet, CANopen master station. The launch of IVC3 not only realizes the multi-axis motion control of the small PLC of pulse type but also realizes the multi-axis servo control and the remote I / O control through the CANopen. At the same time, the integrated Ethernet realizes the seamless connection between the information layer of INVT Internet of things and PLC. Thus form the information layer to the control layer and then to the device layer of the full set of solutions.

PLC emphasizes more security requirements

With the continuous development and application of the industrial Internet, the opportunities for industrial control equipment to connect to the Internet are increasing day by day, and various kinds of information security accidents occur frequently. How to avoid attacks, avoid information leaks, and protect users' secondary development of intellectual property rights has become a problem that must be faced and solved for industrial control equipment.

As the core component of the industrial automation system, PLC plays the most approachable role in the industrial control layer. The safety of PLC and other industrial control systems is not only related to product safety and economic safety of industrial enterprises, but also related to social stability, and even national security.

In general, PLC is classified as a secure PLC and a normal PLC. CPU redundancy, circuit design and software architecture of security PLC should be according to the related norms from the beginning of scheme design. In 2017, with the advance of the Network Security Law, PLC, as a device and product listed in the catalog of Network critical equipment and Network Security products, is required to comply with the mandatory requirements of relevant national standards. Only after the qualified organization has passed the safety certification or the safety test meets the requirements can it be sold or provided.

PLC boosts intelligent manufacturing

With the development of "Made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing has been pointed out for the development and upgrading of China manufacturing industry.

In order to achieve this core goal, multi-level collaborative development is needed. As we all know, the whole industrial transmission chain subdivision includes information layer, control layer, drive layer, equipment layer, executive layer and so on. As the most commonly used controller in the control layer, PLC is the brain of industrial transmission. Through the analysis and distribution of information layer data, the operation control of control layer and the execution of equipment layer, the intelligent manufacturing solution will be realized.  Liu Tao, the manager of R&D team, said that intelligent manufacturing cannot do without PLC, but also put forward higher requirements for PLC. One is the requirement of the industrial Internet access, the data parsed by the information layer needs PLC execution, at the same time the information layer for the industrial data collection all needs the PLC uploading. Second, the function of PLC itself should be strengthened, not only on the traditional logic control but also on the intelligence, network and platform.

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of PLC users, INVT Auto-Control subsidiary is dedicated to providing intelligent solutions, which are mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the information layer, which is the powerful computing power and data storage capacity of the cloud platform server. The data needed for intelligent manufacturing can be parsed, summarized, sent or reported up if necessary. The other is to realize the data transmission and function enhancement of the control layer itself.

Just as IVC3 PLC, integrates Ethernet, it can seamlessly connect to the cloud platform of the INVT Internet of things, opening channels for intelligent manufacturing. The algorithm of motion control and complex control has also been greatly improved. At the same time, the industrial bus can be integrated to realize distributed control and make the control more intelligent.

With the increasing degree of industrial automation, the disadvantages of single equipment in meeting the needs of users and the overall design considerations of the system scheme are gradually highlighted. Providing system solutions has become the goal of all automation manufacturers, and it is also the development opportunity of the current market. Any brand takes a long time to precipitate. INVT Auto-Control subsidiary PLC realizes the seamless connection and integration with each layered product, optimizes the function of each equipment, and forms a system solution by integrating the industrial Internet of things, control layer equipment, driving layer equipment and motor executive mechanism relying on INVT Group. With the national brand gene and spirit of INVT PLC, is bound to shine in the field of industrial automation, and will be recognized by more users.

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