INVT IVC3 series High-Performance Flexible Control PLC

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INVT IVC3 series PLC has excellent performance and rich instructions and has the advantages of stable and reliable, strong expansion capability and convenient networking. Since its launch, we have continued to deepen the industry process, close to the user, and understand the internal needs of the segment. IVC3 series PLC provides customers with complete industrial automation solutions under the cooperation of INVT HMI, inverter, servo, motor and other products.


1 Flexible communication networking mode

• Support INVT cloud service, provide GPS, WIFI multiple cloud connection methods, remote reading and control of device data;

• A rich communication interface, supporting Ethernet, CANopen, Modbus, N: N networking and other communication protocols

2 Super strong motion control function

• Supports electronic cams, electronic gears and various interpolation functions with precise positioning control function;

• Up to 8 channels of 200kHz high-speed output and 8 channels of 200kHz counting channels, supporting quadruple frequency counting.

3 Products are safe and convenient to use

• Local expansion up to 8 modules, 512 points I/O, support for a variety of special function expansion modules;

• Friendly configuration programming interface to quickly complete hardware configuration and function parameter setting;

• The program is permanently saved after power-off, supports multi-level program encryption, and the device program is more secure;

• The products have passed the EU CE and RoHS standards.

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