INVT UPS Supports China Unicom National Big Data Center Project

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China Unicom's National Big Data Center project is currently underway. In the power assurance phase, the project team selected INVT RM500 series UPS to enhance uninterruptible power supply protection, which prevents production losses caused by power outages, and ensure emergency lighting, broadcasting, data transmission equipment and safety monitoring systems in the data center are not interrupted by power outages or power instability.

As the lifeblood of the data center, electric energy guarantees the normal operation of the entire data center, and this cannot be involved in the application of the UPS in which it plays a role in protection. With the large-scale application of various high-end and precision equipment in the data center, precision equipment has put forward higher and higher requirements for the safety, reliability and purity of power supply quality. UPS system with excellent performance can not only ensure the continuity of power supply but also ensure the purity of power supply, thus meeting the special needs of power protection in the stable operation of data center.

The INVT RM series UPS combines the technical features of the traditional tower model with the modularity of the modern machine room, ensuring high reliability of the system while achieving the modular design. The single-machine system can reach 500KVA power supply, which can meet the power expansion or N+X redundancy and realize three systems to maximize parallel. It is in line with the power demand of large or very large data centers. In addition to high power, the system mainframe is equipped with a 10.4-inch color large touch LCD display, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to monitor the system. It also has the following advantages:

(1) Three-in-three-out pure online dual-conversion products, provide optimal power quality and load protection.

(2) The input power factor is up to 0.99, the input harmonic current is less than 3%, and the overall effect is greater than 96%, which is energy efficient.

(3) Full digital control of DSP, realizing all digital control of rectification, inverter, charging and discharging power conversion links.

(4) With intelligent sleep mode, the set rotation time can come in sleep rotation to achieve green energy saving.

(5) Adopt intelligent "three-stage" battery charge and discharge management system.

(6) Modular design, power modules support hot swapping for on-site maintenance.

(7) Intelligent system self-diagnosis solution, rich fault record, large-capacity historical storage space.

(8) Friendly man-machine interface, large screen LCD touch screen and control keyboard, information-rich.

(9) Superior load adaptability, superior overload and short circuit capability.

(10) Intelligent battery management solution to extend battery life.

Digital loop control technology with high reliability.

(11) The panel is equipped with an EPO emergency shutdown button.

(12) All boards are equipped with a three-proof process.

INVT RM series UPS has participated in the construction of many domestic data centers, such as Swift Data Center, Aerospace Data Center, and Chinese Zhuhai Port Integrated Machine Room Project. Our products and solutions have been widely used in these projects, and have established a strong market position and leading edge in the high-end market.

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